The Year Without a Summer

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    I found this at the farmers almanac and thought I would share ... put up as much as you can and be ready ... you never know when 'The year without a summer' can hit again.

    After this winter’s crazy weather, coupled with the chill and wet of last summer, the more normal conditions the Farmers’ Almanac has predicted for the coming season should come as a relief. But last year’s soggy summer was nothing compared to the infamous “Year Without a Summer,” a weather event so devastating, people are still talking about it nearly 200 years later

    Referred to by many names, including “the poverty year” and “eighteen hundred and froze-to-death,” the year 1816 was literally a year without a summer across much of the Northern Hemisphere. Throughout not only North America, but also Northern Europe and parts of Asia, an exceptionally cold summer, featuring killing frosts in July and August, crippled food production. Crop failures and food shortages were so widespread that rioting and looting became common in the United Kingdom and France.

    More here - The Year Without a Summer | Farmers' Almanac
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    Can you imagine if that were to hapen now? The mayhem would be unimaginable. And with the economic chaos already upon us, inflation would go through the roof. Everything would line up to lead to one heck of a societal breakdown. Let's hope the volcanos remain quiet...

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    That particular phenomena is caused by the eruption of a super volcano. An ordinary eruption, depending on power and location, has the ability to cool the planet's temperature by about 0.5 degrees celsius on average. This is a relatively common occurrance even though nobody ever seems to notice.

    A super volcano can cool the planet on a largely varying scale.

    Krakatoa, which errupted in 1883, cooled the planet around 1.2 degrees celsius for about 5 years.

    Mount Tambora, responsible for the 1816 "year without summer" cooled the planet only 0.7 degrees celsius but also caused a persistant fog of sulfate which dramatically reduced the amount of sunlight in certain areas of the planet. This fog did not dissipate until around 1819.
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    just wait till Yellowstone erupts!
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    Even The Philipine's Mount Pinatubo, a moderate eruption in 1991, put enough fine ash and crap into the Earth's atmosphere to bother photogs for about five years. We could not get a clear blue sky! Had to use graduated blue filters.
    On the other hand, it gave us some killer sunsets! ;)

    If Jellystone's Super Volcano lets go, we'll have more to worry about than some snow in july....... :eek:
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    i plan on building a greenhouse this year. I wanted to last year but never got around to it. I been suspecting the weather might get a little funky for us.
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    I think we may be headed into a year without a summer.

    Look around.:eek:
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    Makes one wonder what happened to the Global Warming that doofus Uncle Algore kept croaking about.

    I suggest a new category for the vaunted Nobel Prize Committee to consider - Greatest Liar Who Bamboozles The Entire World.

    I nominate both Algore and Bobo the Dog-faced Boy in DC as co-winners this next year........ :rolleyes: