The World Is In Revolution Now

Discussion in 'Politics' started by UncleJoe, May 6, 2010.

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    Taken from The World Should Now Be Considered in Revolution

    There is so much anger in the world, a government can really be confused as to who is after it.

    Consider the range of anger right now. Completely different philosophies, completely different views of the world, but the Times Square bomber, the Tea Party movement, the Ron Paul movement and the protesters in Greece have one thing in common, a rejection of control by the global plotters.

    Ron Paul is in most ways as far as you can get from the Times Square bomber. Paul is non-violent and wants to work through the system. The Times Square bomber planned to express his objections to the global plotters by bizarrely attempting to blow up an SUV in Times Square, but triggering all these actions is a rejection of multi-national government attempts to force their will on the people.

    Governments have been slowly moving towards global this and global that, well the one thing they have succeeded at is global anger. People are pissed off in Toledo, Islamabad, Athens and Des Moines. The degree of anger is different, the justification for the anger is varied, but around the globe the anger is there, all in one way or another traced back to multinational-government actions.

    In Greece, it's multinational-government actions via the EU and the IMF attempting to push "austerity programs" against the people. In Pakistan, it's anger against the multinational-government military actions in the area.

    In the United States, its anger against the global banksters that brought panic to the financial system and then raped the taxpayers and paid themselves huge bonuses. The U.S. global banksters are, of course,the puppeteers that are behind all these multinational-government actions.

    The banksters have created a world that is in revolution. How all this plays out I have no idea. The genie will not be able to be put back in the bottle. The anger appears to be deep enough that the banksters may have to decide how evil they really are. Will they give the order to crush the revolution, and I mean crush, resulting in millions dead, or will they pull a Gorbachev and choose the noble and wise way and let the flawed bankster built system collapse?

    I don't think the people of the world have figured out yet that they are all protesting, in one way or another, the same one world government/banksters, but if they do, I would hate to be a bankster or a tool of the banksters.
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    I kinda agree that most of the common folk like us know that the greedy bums are eating the dog's that feed them. Sooner or later they are gona run outa dog's. What then, for all their smart's i think they are so power hungry that they don't even see their own folly. The bleeding will get so heavy, the let them eat cake thang will backfire big time look at greece. The pesant's have a little more than pitchfork's now. We will see, the world look's kinda bleak now. I so want to leave a better world for my grandchild, but i just can't see it. :gaah:

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    I only agree with this on the most superficial level (there are PTB that would love to see a NWO and, depending on what you belive, it is inevitible that there will be a one-world government some day).

    Greece is imploding because there are more people on the government payroll and receiving money through entitlements than there are folks to pay taxes to support all the crap. In other words, socialism. The folks in Greece who are rioting are doing so because their free ride (they just so happen to belong to unions, sound familiar?) on the backs of the taxpayers is over. The austerity controls that are being put in place are less government spending and more taxes. The having been living high on the hog for far too long. They are fighting against smaller government.

    The TP folks are not fighting the same thing. They are fighting FOR smaller government and want the US to STOP the spending and handing out entitlements right and left before we end up like Greece! If you see riots in the US, it is usually from the entitlement crowd worried that someone is going to take away their gravy train!
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    :melikey: Right on Sew!!! but the sad thing is, when the little people decide to rush the gates with their pitchforks the POB's will just board their big jets and buzz off to some place where they don't have to look at the poor unwashed... and I'm sure they figure that after we kill off 80 % of ourselves they will come sliding right back and truly be in charge of a whole new world...less most of those nasty voters... and it may work!! very well could!! I don't see them laying waste with their mega bombs, they want the planet whole, just depopulated of the vermin..
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    I agree with what you are saying. We are in a global Revolution. It is not just the United States but a takeover of the World. I am posting a video as to where we are headed.

    [ame=]YouTube - Can You Hear the Trumpet ?[/ame]
    This discusses the fact that there is a major change soon to take place in the United States. This will not be a change for the better but for the worst. There are many people warning the American public of what's about to occur but the majority of Americans have been conditioned to not pay attention to reality and thus they remain unaware. You can find information about the 2009 fema martial law drill at this link FEMA: FEMA: Fact Sheets... . You can also google NLE 2009 and go from there.
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    It is coming in what form i don't know but it will be, murder of millions, some will starve, some will kill each other off and sickness will slab more than a large part. I don't know but this has been for seen for a long, long time. Well before the means were there to do the job. Yes i agree the ultra class have the bunker,s well stocked. They will emerge from the smoke and carnage looking for the little people to serve them. Those that make it anyway, crap this does look bleak. Maybe it would be better to be one of the stewpid, ignorant brain dead masses and just be vaporized, naw i,am a person that will fight to the last breath to try an leave something better but the odd,s it will be so are being cut every day. :(
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    Ah, revolution...

    [ame=]YouTube - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised -- Gil Scott Heron[/ame]