The video that is igniting the Arab world...

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    The video that is igniting the whole Arab world toward a great Jihad movement...

    They say this video from Iran is fanning the flames of the pan-Arab uprising currently in progress. about some powerful brainwashing! (Translated into English):

    [ame=]YouTube - The Comin is Upon Us - Translation by Reza Kahlili -[/ame]

    The minute that the French let this sonofabitch go free back in 1979, I knew the devil was loose!
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    AAARRGGGHHH! there is NO way I'm going to listen to almost 30 minutes of mijwiz (arabian flute) music! :eek:

    After the Romans cleared out and decimated the mighty cities built by Jews like King Herod, Palestine was an arid, sparsely populated backwater that was eventually claimed (for land bridge reasons) by the Ottoman Empire, then by the British Empire. Jews have lived in the region continuously for well over 2,000 years. The British found themselves overseeing an indigenous population made up of Jews and Arabs-and sometimes Arab Jews. All were referred to as "Palestinians." Ownership of the land was a patch work. Much of the land was owned by absentee landlords who lived in places like Egypt, and farmed by local Arab Palestinians. This may have made many Palestinians believe it was "their land," but sorry, that just wasn't the case. As the Zionist movement gained traction in the early 1900s, Jews around the world contributed to a fund to buy up tractss of land, and much of the land for the future Jewish state envisioned by the early Zionists was acquired this way (recognized by the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel... signed by members of the National Council in Tel Aviv). Once again, the poor Arabs living on and farming the land may not have been happy to give up the land they lived on, but it was not "stolen from them", because they didn't own it to begin with.

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    Yeah, I tortured myself through it to see what all the propaganda was about...

    Man, this strikes to the very heart of every Muslim! VERY powerful psycological manipulation buy these radical ayatollahs and mullahs.

    It encourages every last one of the faithful to "get on board" to prepare for the 12th Imam!

    The only way this 12th Imam being will come quickly, is to stage a worldwide Jihad against unbelievers and non-muslims.

    So, we think we've got problems in North Africa and the Middle East now... just wait a couple of months...

    200,000,000 terrorists waging a world jihad - war! :eek:
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    But our leaders can talk them out of it....reason with them...make them see things our way...right?

    Yeah right, these people believe they are getting ready to inherit the earth and Obama is going to talk them out of it. What's he going to offer them that has more appeal than ruling the earth?:dunno:
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    Same thing that got him into office in the first place! :D

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    It's said we have had RACE SPECIFIC viruses in our arsenals since the 60's if worse comes to worse someone will find a way to let some go,0bama or not.
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    I think we should help them along and send them to the great leader with a 10 mega ton, plutonium coated candy surprise. After all that's what they want ain't it to be in paradise. I think if they screw with Israel much they will get their wish. :D