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Good operation...

Thanks but no thanks. I operate my business on cash, ifin they gotta use credit I run it through paypal, but the client pays the fee's. We be to small ta mess round with all that bologna.
PayPal is a good way to buy stuff on the www. I use it all the time, and they backup all of their transactions. :) If a seller does not deliver, as promised, PayPal will investigate, give the seller a reasonable amount of time to correct the problem, and will refund your money to your account if the seller is at fault. :)

I did once receive an email, supposedly from PayPal, asking me to reenter all of my banking information or "my account would be suspended". This immediately set off my BS detector! :scratch I contacted PayPal's security people and forwarded them the supposedly legitimate PayPal request for info. Turned out it was a well-designed scam to raid the bank accounts of unsuspecting people. PayPal had been after this s.o.b for a while and finally caught up with him and shut him down. :congrat:

If you are a PayPal user, don't reply to any unsolicited requests to update your banking information that you did not initiate. Much grief could follow! :cry:
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