The ultimate Big Brother is born

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    The death of the cash register: Square announces plans to kill the cash register - Telegraph will be accepted by the sheeple because it will be convenient. Hey. Anything for convenience, right? Even our privacy and our freedom.

    As this catches on, and it will, even those of us who object to such a pervasive and invasive intrusion into the most intimate parts of our lives will have no choice but to bow to the the big, all-knowing eye because eventually cash simply will not be accepted.

    Why is this a big deal? Because when ALL of you and your family's purchases are made electronically on individual phones, the merchants = gubmint will know everything about you in real time. So. In the last month you bought Preparation H and condoms, your wife did not buy tampons, your daughter did, your son bought Lice-X and you paid for a marriage counselor.

    Initial conclusion: You have a health problem and a mistress, you wife is beginning menopause (hence the marriage counselor), your daughter is pregnant and your son has crabs.

    Final conclusion: You are running for a public office, the info will leak, so you are SOOOO screwed.

    None of those "conclusions" have to be true to ruin your life. All they have to be is leaked.
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    I am so not ready for this...

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    Exactly how do I pay for stuff then? I don't do mess with credit cards.

    But the positive thing is some purchases cannot be bought with cash. In personal experience I know small business owners that have lost clients because they do not have credit card capabilities. Thus a lose of money for them.

    Not everyone is going to have this technology, because it requires a smart phone to operate it.
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    Thanks but no thanks. I operate my business on cash, ifin they gotta use credit I run it through paypal, but the client pays the fee's. We be to small ta mess round with all that bologna.
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    Good operation...

    PayPal is a good way to buy stuff on the www. I use it all the time, and they backup all of their transactions. :) If a seller does not deliver, as promised, PayPal will investigate, give the seller a reasonable amount of time to correct the problem, and will refund your money to your account if the seller is at fault. :)

    I did once receive an email, supposedly from PayPal, asking me to reenter all of my banking information or "my account would be suspended". This immediately set off my BS detector! :scratch I contacted PayPal's security people and forwarded them the supposedly legitimate PayPal request for info. Turned out it was a well-designed scam to raid the bank accounts of unsuspecting people. PayPal had been after this s.o.b for a while and finally caught up with him and shut him down. :congrat:

    If you are a PayPal user, don't reply to any unsolicited requests to update your banking information that you did not initiate. Much grief could follow! :cry:
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    16 many rounds of 308 will it take to buy a Double bacon grease burger ? OH and 5 22lr hp's to super size it...

    We will all be buying and selling at garage sales and flea markets... which we should be doing now!....

    The Grub'erment has long desired to shut down the underground economy , It costs them billions of $$ yearly due to lost sales taxs... which is a good reason to buy outside the box
  7. OldCootHillbilly

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    Barterin works good to, let's see em run that through a smart phone!:D