The Twilight Zone

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    I'm sure most everyone here has seen some episodes of the original Twilight Zone. This one was brought to my attention today and it seems to fit well with some of the things we discuss here; the potential for normally sane people to "do whatever it takes" to protect and provide for themselves. Even in the early 60's it was known how irrational people could become in the event of an emergency.
    I couldn't find it in one piece, but here is a link to watch it in three parts. Notice at the end of Part 1 the homeowner is holding a mason jar to take down to his shelter which by the way could have used some of Bunkerbobs help in the construction phase. :rolleyes:

    The Shelter - The Twilight Zone video - Fanpop
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    You can watch the full episode at the link below. However, I'm not sure if it will work if you live in Canada. Probably wouldn't hurt to try.

    The Twilight Zone: Watch Full Episodes -

    It should be Season 3, Episode 068 "The Shelter"

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    Thanks allen. Guess I didn't look hard enough. :rolleyes: