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    For us to finally purchase a firearm, that is. :( We've been putting it off, but recent events have pushed that priority to the front of our minds. Over the weekend, there was yet another homicide in the parking lot of a church that is less than five minutes away. And this evening, I get a knock on my door. It was a lady from the beauty shop that just opened right next to our house, coming to tell me that they were robbed last night. The thieves apparently entered through a side door that I have a clear view of from my front porch. Unless it is pouring rain or covered with snow I sit out there almost every evening, and I was out there last night around 11:30pm and saw nothing.

    It's too close for comfort. Those people were probably watching for weeks before they made their move. I bet they know when I'm out there, when I'm not, when we are home, when we are not home. I used to sit out back, but I started sitting out front because my neighbors are loud and their dog barks all the time..You would think my being out there would deter people but apparently not. Now tonight I wonder who's next? I just don't get it...My husband takes the bus home, and said about a week ago he saw two men cutting through the beauty shop parking lot that he had never seen around here before. There are people who live on the street behind us that cut through to get home, but it wasn't them. I am so frustrated right now-I thought I did a good job of watching and being aware...

    I definitely need to attend the next blockwatch meeting. There are monthly meetings and our group is quite active. The last meeting discussed concealed carry and all of that. I know they are trying to get more people to get their permits. The only two people I know that have theirs are my old neighbors from two streets over-both Vietnam vets who walk the block every evening. Everyone knows they carry at all times, yet people still try to pull ****...Makes me wonder how useful it even is if these thugs don't care. Sigh.
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    I spent the weekend doing 'bodyguard' duty for a family friend that is a realtor, who was continuing to show homes, due to the recent murders... :mad:

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    We are looking at purchases for our guns too. For me, it is not a matter of people although surprisingly we do have break-ins and stolen vehicles out here on occasion. We have bears and cougars tho... that is my main concern.
    Have you also considered a dog or an alarm system? It does no good to have a weapon if you are not alerted to an intruder until it is to late. I may not have a gun at the moment, but I have other things and I have a mean and loyal guard dog that can and will attack. lol... come to think of it, I am actually subconsciously looking for a weapon that would stop a moose or bear so I can protect my DOG from them. :)
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    I can't help it, why in the world would you wait with whats been going on in the world for what the last 10 years of this crap. Better late than never i guess but all that time has gone by with out what should be, the number two on the list training and practice and the habit of having one as a part of your body. What ammo to buy for your area, ya don,t want to shoot through your neighbors house but still want to put some one down for the count. Getting a firearm is a lot more than buying loading and have laying around, just in case. Get some training even if you use to have one 20 years ago. Congrats on becoming a member of the human race who will not stand for being a victim. :congrat:
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    Sadly, people can be a threat in remote areas. Our crime rate is so low it's almost non-existent, but the houses out here are spread out half a mile or more apart. There isn't anyone within hearing distance if someone sneaks up to our windows and breaks in. If we're gone to town or elsewhere, they could take their time cleaning us out and loading up. There's no other houses within sight, and you can hear a car coming on our dirt road for a long ways. With all the tree cover, it's easy to be out of sight.

    If we're home, we're still at the mercy of whoever might come out of the woods and attack us. We do have a good guard dog, which helps alert us if we're home. When we're not home...valuables go in the two gun safes. The kind of gun safes that weigh hundreds of pounds and are bolted to the log walls of our cabin with heavy lag bolts from inside the safe. We use laptop computers, since we're on solar power and they're lower watt, and they go in the safe with the guns and other weapons when we leave, even to run to town. I could care less if someone swipes our cheap TV and DVD player or anything else in here. At least we don't have to worry much about the "important" stuff.

    We keep arms at hand all the time. We're more likely to have an encounter with a bear, mountain lion, or wolf than people, but we try to be ready for whatever comes along.

    We've had guests from urban areas who are frightened out here, yet feel safer in their high-crime neighborhoods at home...go figure!

    OFM, I think you're smart to be considering a weapon, and I know you'll take safe measures in that area. You've already had so much to deal with, it's a shame that crime/break-ins has to be added to it too. Good luck.

    FOB, I'm glad you realize it's not always safe even in rural areas. We have our own unique dangers to prepare and watch out for.

    A weapon or defense plan doesn't always have to be a gun. I definately prefer to have one, though.
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    I wrote a letter to the editor of the local newspaper here in Calgary ... my closing line was "Police are not here to protect us - they are here to figure out what happened and put the bad guys in jail. We NEED to start protecting ourselves, because, no one else can."

    Yes - it was published fully. It was in response to a home invasion of a guy who beat-off thugs with a stick from his backyard. One of the thugs pulled a gun and shot - once in the backyard and then once again as he was running for a truck that was waiting for him to get there ..

    If more responsible people took the time to install their own security cameras and to carry guns regularly, the police would have an easier job of putting thugs into jail - or - into the ground.
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    Isn't that just horrible? Makes me scared because even though we are now in the process of securing our mortgage, there's still the for sale sign in the front yard. That double-murder at St. Dominic's is even more unsettling because the last homicide at that church was just back in January.

    Unfortunately a dog is not a good option. We are not home enough to properly care for a dog, and with three kids I don't want another responsibility. Most people on the street have a dog. The house across from us has a big chow who is quite vicious, their neighbors have security cameras, security system, and a pitbull. Our neighbors have two boxers, one of which is a very alert and sensitive guard dog who snarls and barks at us even though we live here and he sees us every day.

    Yes, we probably waited far too long, but that wait is over. And as another said, we will not be forced out of our home-we will not be a another helpless victim. We LIKE our neighborhood. We love our house and we are not going to be scared away.
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    Glad nothing bad has happened

    Glad your now waking up... :p... and glad your not waking up in the middle of the night with a Zombie BG standing over you..:eek:...

    Let me tell you about me....

    I'm 6'6" former Marine Grunt , former LEO, and have faith in my abilities..

    I carry a gun everywhere I go, I sleep with one on the headboard book shelf and.... "DON"T LAUGH"... I also sleep with one under the covers usually with my hand on it... there are 2 sawed off 12 ga shotguns in the room with me...

    I'm not paranoid, I don't think I have any enemies ....(alive :D ) ( that was a joke Farley) I don't live in a crime state or a bad hood... a bear may wonder thru but this is MT and we moved into their hood.. and they don't sell crack...

    All this to say that I'm very sure all's well here, but.. I have a small voice whispering in my inner says...."BUT!! are you sure"?

    I wear my seat belt , have insurance on everything... and look both ways crossing a street...

    Being careful and aware ain't being's just being smart...

    Very glad your getting smart too!! :congrat:
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    I have carried concealed for over 30 years and have never have had to use it, thank goodness. I have had two home invasions, but both times, they were met with a shotgun. No shots fired and they were convinced to leave quickly. This was in a town of 750 people. As far as wild critters go, I have always though a rifle was the better choice. More accurate and you don't have to get as close.