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    It's a game, in the spirit of preparedness! The rules are simple. The first person will put forth a situation--a Scenario. People will then read and respond to it--they'll reply with an explanation of what they would do in that scenario (how they'd survive or respond, so to speak). The second person, the one to reply, will also put at the bottom of their post, their OWN scenario, which the next person will respond to.

    Any 'preparations' you use in your explanation MUST be ones which you ALREADY have, not some you plan on getting or would want.

    First reply gets precedence for the sake of simplicity!

    An enemy army invades your country and begins a hostile takeover, taking out communications and infrastructure first, limiting traffic and trade; all large airports and large shipyards are targeted first and travel to and from them is prevented. How do you respond to this threat?
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    1 secure equipment ( hide it)
    2 organize a resistance group gain intelligence on enemy
    3 Payback, coordinate attacks on enemy to maximize with equipment and weapons looting
    4 implement standards and programs to counter their counter insurgency program

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    Watch the movie 'Red Dawn", need I say any more.
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    Screw the can on my 308 and go hunting, I'm too old to run... but too young to lay down.. besides if they already have this big of a toe hold the fights been going on a while.

    Once a Marine..Always a Marine.
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    Pretty much sums it up for me too.
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    Given the scenario, you would have probably 3 options.

    1. Surrender. Become a prisoner. Have a very uncertain future.

    2. Volunteer. Go Benedict Arnold and try to kiss up to the powers that be. Maybe worm your way to some small perks and benefits. A very common tactic during World War 2.

    3. Become an Insurgent.

    I would choose option 3. Statistically, it would only be a matter of time until they requisition everything I've got. So my first order of business would be setting up a secluded forest base. Move my canned goods, foodstuffs, weapons and ammunition to a secure, hidden location. Slaughter my cattle. Get as much meat as I can.

    Next would be mapping supply and patrol routes through my area. Look for weaknesses. Take them out if the opportunity is there. Get whatever supplies I can scavenge or steal.

    And finally, eventually be killed or captured and executed as a terrorist by the new regime.