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    Watched 'The Road" video last night with the wife. Not bad, a pretty realistic interpretation of a cataclysmic winter effect on the world though, but what's all this wandering around all about, especially after he found bunkerbobs shelter stocked to the ceiling with I would imagine a years worth of food, water and supplies, and oh, whiskey!. Power came on briefly, hum, maybe a power system available somewhere?. He left because he heard a sound above ground through a concealed steel door? oh please!.
    My wife said "what was he thinking". Even after they left that great find and encountered survivors he did not want to band together for mutual help and protection?. Does the word 'sheeple or zombie" come to mind.
    Sorry armchair critic here, now waiting to see 'The Book of Eli' next.
  2. Vertigo

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    Hey Bunkerbob,

    I saw that movie as well, I thought it was pretty good. Although, now you mentioned it, I see that the reason he was leaving the bunker, was not explained very well.

    I actually read the book first, and highly recommend it! When seeing the movie afterwards, it was following the book pretty strictly, but of course the director had to cut out some parts here and there.

    It's not a long book, only about 100-150 pages if I remember correctly, and its definitely a great read!


  3. kogneto

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    book of eli was weird, and definitely not as realistic as The Road. good if you like action movies but not if you're a prepper or not dumb

    you should read The Road, the book is even better...there are parts where it drags on as he explains every little detail, but it's still good, and there's more baby eating in the book
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    I haven't seen the film yet, but the book was great. I think the reason they left the shelter was fear of discovery by bad guys. They dug up the shelter and tracked all over the yard and were afraid that the fresh signs of activity would draw unwanted attention. And if I remember right, everyone they met was whacked out to one degree or another, other than perhaps the captives in the basement. Again, excellent book, and once the movie shows up at Half Price Books I'll pick up a copy.
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    Going through older posts that I found when I searched for "Bunkers."

    Such a good movie, especially for preppers to see and to consider the possibilities, but why wander around? Why not find a place to hunker down and develop a shelter out of the path of traffic?
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    I read the book. I wondered too why leave a fully stocked bunker. But then with the dad's sickness I reckon he wasn't thinking straight all the time. Dad might have beem more concerned about getting his son to a more permanent safe place before he (dad) died?
  7. Meerkat

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    I think I saw the movie or clip of it on youtube as well.
  8. CrackbottomLouis

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    He left the bunker for 2 reasons.

    1. Fear of discovery by other people

    2. Staying in the bunker did not achieve the goal of his travels

    The goal of his travels was to find a caretaker for his son because he knew he was dying and his son wouldnt survive on his own. Good movie. Depressing but good.
  9. Meerkat

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    Ok no I didn't see this movie, I'll have to watch it.
  10. Mase92

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    Great movie, sorrow filled and realistic.

    Leaving that bunker was a bold move. I understand it but it would have took a lot to do it.

    I agree there were some whacko's he found. Setting the son up would have been a better option but who knows, I'm not in that situation and hope to never be.
  11. weedygarden

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    This could be something to consider in the future. There may be children who are left orphaned, with no one to care for them, or where those who could are not within reach.

    Never say never:

    1. Never taking any children? (we might see a situation like this)
    2. We are never letting anyone else in or feeding them. We may end up with someone at our doorstep who can do something we desperately need done.

    Cannibalism was shown in the movie. There is something that no one wants to face. We all know how barbaric it is.

    Starvation: We can only carry so much food and water.

    Movies like this are depressing, and some people don't want to or just can't think of any of the possibilities shown in the movie. I always think it is better to think about the possibilities, no matter how horrible, so that we can think if we encounter them, instead of being frozen in shock.
  12. CrackbottomLouis

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    Not sure any would survive that kind of scenario. An end of all life on earth scenario is beyond my ability to prep for. I prep for scenarios I have a chance of surviving. All others are in bigger hands than mine.
  13. weedygarden

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    Oh, I have thought that there may be an end of the world event. Some of us may survive and be the last of the last. We have no idea how this will really go down, except by reading and studying Revelations.

    Imagine being the last of your family, the last of your community, the last person.

    I always think that in a situation that the main character was in with his son, why the community hadn't tried to come together? In any situation there are going to be evil people, but there are also going to be good people who will work together for the common good. This is why we need to know our neighbors now and to begin to at best we can, know who we can trust and not trust. I believe people will show their true colors in tough situations.

    I imagine neighbors joining forces, working together in one or a few homes or buildings to support each other with security, food, heat, and other needs. Of course, in all groups there are going to be people who are more difficult, but there are also people who can and will provide comfort and will rise up to as needed.
  14. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth

    So right. I was watching youtube today about how wonderful people can be. Caring for others and animals who are suffering. Not much good news today about humanity so it is truly inspiring when it happens.:wave:

    Here is one I watched today that will make you cry tears of sorrow and joy.
  15. weedygarden

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    I have seen this story before. It is a sad and joyful story. There are not enough people who are willing and able to be so generous.
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    I thot the book was ok, but for the first time in awhile I thot a movie was better than the book. I've read the Patriot series and the Going Home series and thot they were superior books to the road. Same genre just better style. Never read Book of Eli but enjoyed the movie.
  17. weedygarden

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    I read Patriot, and then tried to read the rest of the series. I found Patriot okay, and the ideas and information were good. The rest of the series was much more difficult for me to get through. After reading them, I read reviews and found that others were in agreement with me.

    I own copies of the book and DVD of The Road . I don't own many DVDs.

    I am not familiar with the Going Home series, but I will check it out.

    Some people have written great stories that are posted in PS forum.
  18. tmttactical

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    Thank you for posting the link. It did bring a few wet drop to my eyes. We don't need government, we need community.