The riots are but a shadow of things to come

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BillS, Jun 7, 2020.

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    It's hard to talk about this without getting into politics. There are 660,000 full time police officers in America. ONE black man dies in police custody and there was widespread arson, looting, and assaults across the country.

    But wait until people in the cities have something to actually riot about. That would be when we have high inflation and EBT cards won't buy enough food to last you a month. Or they fail altogether.

    Hopefully the riots that have taken place in cities lately will be enough to convince people to get out of cities if they can. All the money creation will lead to hyperinflation. After that events could spin out of control very quickly.
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    The left's stoking of racial hatred will backfire on them.

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    Inflation is not the big threat, according to the Fed deflation is. The Fed has been saying this for a decade and this is why they have been continually lowering the fed rate to almost ZERO. This is their effort to increase the flow of money which is almost nonexistent now. Until money starts to flow again there's not much chance of inflation.

    Because of Covid-19, people are spending very little money. Until there's a demand for products, manufacturing as slowed down to a craw or even stopped, warehouses are getting full and collecting dust. The price per barrel of oil the last time I looked was $38 but it has been negative in the last couple of weeks. I'm paying less for gas then I have in years. The only place I'm seeing inflation is at the grocery store.

    When I look at the economy from 10,000 feet I see a lot of trouble now and in the near future.
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    In cities that have allowed protesters to set up their own "'state", will the home owners owe property taxes for the time they are held "captive " by protesters? They don't have police protection and obviously don't have fire protection. Who is responsible for sewer and water? Some how my mind goes to Carracus, Venezuela where after turning to socialism they have lost their water lines and water trucks are being hi-jacked.
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