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  1. *Andi

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    So I picked a few new books at the libary ...

    Idiot's - solar power for your house - solar power for Idiot's (me ;))
    Mother Earth, Father Sky - Native American Myths
    Wisdomkeepers - Native American Spiritual Elders
    Old Wive Tales - The history of remedies, charms and spells (very cool ;))
    Traditional Home Remedies - Home Libary, The old farmers Almanic ...:2thumb:

    I love to read ... :D

    Want to share your reading list? ;)
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  2. Emerald

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    I've got tons of books from scary thrillers to historical romance to instruction manuels to my cookbook collection. I have three different books, with pictures on mushrooms alone! Plus many books on plants(used to be a greenhouse worker who helped folks buy plants, not just flowers but bushes and shrubs and veggies etc.) so I read up on everything I could get my grubby paws on.

    But for pure enjoyment I love the Earth's Children series by Jean
    Auel and am just waiting for the next book to come out this summer.. They are tons of very useful information on how Ice Age man lived. The author even went and lived/learned how to do much of what is written in the books. I learned to make a fire by "rubbing two sticks together" from her book.
    Her explanations and descriptions are that good. I did learn plenty of fire making skills in Girl Scouts but we never really did the fire drill/platform one. I really want to try flint knapping next.. sure I could bang two rocks together and get a serviceable sharp edge(I know what flint looks like too that helps)but to know how to make many, instead of just one or two from a rock could help out.

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  4. *Andi

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    I'll check it out.
  5. Asatrur

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    To name a few.
    The Transition handbook
    Any foxfire book
    Backwoods home magazine
    The Big Book of Preserving the Harvest
    Keeping the Harvest: Preserving Your Fruits, Vegetables & Herb
    Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits & Vegetables
  6. *Andi

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    Thanks Asatrur! (and I love all my foxfire books :2thumb:)

    So here is my new reading list...

    The Honey Prescription - The amazing power of honey as medicine. :2thumb: (may have to buy this one. :D)
    The dictionary of Healing Plants.
    Meditation as Medicine
    The complete Medicinal Herbal

    Happy Reading ...
  7. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    I do a lot of reading just for fun and the latest book was Necroscope by Brian Lumley. It'll give ya chills when you're up late at night reading it.

    Thumbs up on the Foxfire books, too.
  8. Centraltn

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    Just finished some fantastic books by James Wesley Rawles, latest and greatest one was "How to Survive the End of the World as we Know it". Excellent common sense prep stuff. Presently reading "Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness" (written a little oddly but also with humor) by Arthur T Bradley. Next book in line is "Emergency" by Neill strauss. So far the Rawles book is the best and most comprehensive & direct. I HIGHLY recommend it- You can get all three from
  9. *Andi

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    Thanks for new reading list books! :D

    Oh my ... I can't put down The Honey Prescription - I knew honey was great and all but the recipes ... for this, that and the other ... I was thinking of making notes but in the end - I need to put this book in my book case. :2thumb: