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Very interesting. Once they experience victimization themselves. Then they understand. Real foreign devils. Calls what is happening "misguided tolerance".

Says. This is not the only time, this has happened.

If this had happened, to there women in Canada. We would have, a yearly, day of remembrance day. Would be "just cause" for all kinds of things, to be done to us. For special treatment for them. If just 2 or 3 of them, by 2 or 3 of our citizens did this to them. Very revealing and honest.

They would still be screaming about it all over the world.

Cuban government, starting sending over it's crazies, eventually, to the USA. They seem to be doing the same thing. Crazy women to.

How do you like that "salting the land". Right back at you, colonial governments.

Send them our crazies.

A quote "we don't need immigrants, to force us, to adopt there medieval traditions. We have seen, how they treat women".

Women was called "the hate preacher". A good example, of how they want to make it about racism. Always. Or something similar eventually. Personal attacks.
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