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    Another great essay from Gio Bruno

    People no longer believe in the existence of heroes. By heroes, I do not mean synthetic pop culture icons and sports stars, or mass media generated two faced chimera politicians. I do not mean those fraudulent public figures and false idols which are thrust into the establishment limelight and into our collective faces everyday. By heroes, I mean those ordinary men and women throughout the ages who stood firm against extraordinary corruption and overwhelming social evil. I mean those who had the will to risk everything for truth and an honorable tomorrow, often receiving no recognition for their sacrifice. Today, such heroes are considered a distant memory, a mythology from days long since drowned in the tides of history. How we yearn for those tides to turn…

    ...When men first hear the truth of a thing, the unfiltered unfettered truth, their most common and predictable reaction is invariably one of disbelief. A wise man, or even a moderately intelligent one, would expect that new truths will arise from the ashes of dead notions. They would expect that there are vast reaches of knowledge in this world we have yet to tap, and that every once in a while, our previous assumptions on life will be dashed against the rocky shores of reality. However, most people in today’s culture of mental and philosophical “leisure” are not intuitively wise, and in some cases their ability to rationally observe any situation is highly questionable. The truth, for them, is less like an inspirational moment of empowerment, and more like a blood curdling shark attack. For those with a narrow and manipulated world view, the truth is a terrifying threat.

    Often, human beings tend to classify truth through “repetition”, instead of through objective observation and evidence. What this means is, we tend to assume that the viewpoint we hear the most everyday must be the correct view, regardless of whether or not it is supported by tangible fact. When new information, correct information based on solid data, breaks into the light of day, those who base their entire world view on repetition will be left in the dust, wondering how everything could change right under their noses. Sometimes, these people cling to their once widely accepted presumptions for the rest of their lives. For them, the Earth is flat forever...
    For the New American, authority is derived from experience and earned respect. Petty authority derived from corruption is to be either laughed at or scorned. For instance, a policeman or politician that does not follow or understand Constitutional Law is a liability to society, not an authority, and as such, does not deserve respect. The New American is not impressed by uniforms, titles, expensive Ivy League degrees, old money, celebrities, or pop culture fluff. To him, the people who ARE impressed with these things are rather repulsive. To get his attention, you need to have an honorable reputation, legitimate intelligence, and, for heaven’s sake, a backbone.

    ...History makers are defined by a beautifully simple decision; the decision to participate in the making of their own providence. The decision to actually live, instead of playing at life. True history makers are often not chronicled in books. Their tales are often not told for posterity. But none of this matters. What matters, is the contribution they make to the good in all of us, the tremors they send through the underlying foundations of humanity. Their presence is felt, even if their names are not known. By this measure, the New Americans will definitely make history.

    The responsibility that lay ahead of us is daunting. While a global awakening is certainly taking place, the epicenter is right here in our own backyard. All eyes will be watching us and waiting. The world is relying on us to make a stand, to prove that the fight is far from over. If we do not, then everything is lost, not just for ourselves, but for every generation after we are gone. No matter what obstacles the elites unleash, be it nuclear disaster, economic collapse, or yet another war, we must not falter. The world is waiting. They are waiting for heroes. They are waiting for the old guard to return.

    The entire essay can be read here.
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    taken from site:
    interesting...sounds like Marxian class warfare

    very cool quote!

    hmm, is this about the global warming emails? sounds like it since I haven't really heard of anything did that turn out?

    I like the quote about true patriots vs. neo-cons, especially the last paragraph

    american judicial system, or terrorist handling techniques?

    though I never thought of the Republican party as being taken over by globalists. does that mean big corporations, they typically represent the wealthier class.

    haha wow, laying it on thick eh?:rolleyes:

    ok pretty good prose:congrat:..but no real substance, a lot of veiled references and call to arms, with no other voice than the authors

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    One of the greatest things about the internet (thank Al Gore for his marvelous invention!!!:rolleyes:) is that rational voices opposing the "group think" of our universities and mass media finally have a decent platform to air their views.
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    And I'm ok with that. I see it as a voice crying out to the masses, trying to wake them up and realize that things are going terribly wrong in this country. Unfortunetly, there just aren't enough people listening to the lone voice. They prefer listening to the lamestream media telling us things are looking up. :rolleyes:
    Here's another one of those lone voices crying out in the night for anyone that's interested. :)
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    There's a lot of those voices crying out to the masses, and I hope some day the masses figure out what can be done.

    Meanwhile, I hope they keep crying out, because there are a lot out there yet who haven't gotten the message.
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    There seems to be a lot of voices out there crying out that this is bad, ot that is just one persons point... if the Nae Sayers have a point then please write out so we may all gain from it..or laugh.

    Many voices crying aloud in the dark , all saying the same thing sounds like only one...but the listeners are fooled to their end .