The McDonald's Diet

Discussion in 'Nutrition' started by Sentry18, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. Sentry18

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    Science Teacher John Cisna Ends Up Losing 37 Pounds After Eating Only McDonalds Food for 90 Days.

    Follow the link for a video as well.

  2. backlash

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    There is the reason.

  3. Sentry18

    Sentry18 Well-Known Member

    One of the reasons.
  4. camo2460

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    I agree with Sentry, It takes more than just exercise to lose weight. It takes diet and exercise. For example if you eat triple the number of calories needed to maintain your weight, you will not be able to exercise enough to lose weight, in fact you will gain weight in spite of exercise
  5. biobacon

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    My overlords tell me that you should all try the new $1 menu and more. LOL Our sells our down like 15% from this time last year.
  6. Woody

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    Agreed, but it also says he started taking stock of WHAT he was eating and the nutritional value. We also (I did not read the actual article) do not know what shape he was in before he started. To lose 37 pounds in 3 months is a pretty dramatic weight loss. Was he 50, 75 pounds overweight to begin with? I bet it would be possible to LOSE weight eating pizza three meals a day. The right amount, the right ingredients...
  7. RevWC

    RevWC The Future?

    This is a sham! He became bolimic! ;)
  8. mosquitomountainman

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    You should follow the link to the article. The guy makes the same point we make as gun owners. Guns are not the problem. The misuse of guns are the problem. McDonalds is not the problem. Stupid eating habits are the problem.

    Super size it anyone?
  9. backlash

    backlash Well-Known Member

    There is only one way to lose weight.
    Burn more calories than you consume.
    Diet and exercise is the best and fastest way.
  10. Cabowabo

    Cabowabo Shooter

    I'm going to challenge the nutritional value of any fast food period. How is it that the price of food keeps rising and you can still buy a burger for $1?
    I personally don't feel you can compare guns to fast food. Guns are a tool. Fast food has no nutritional benefits and are addictive. Cokes, and fast food both are addictive. If you were to cut Coke for instance you would suffer withdraws same with fast food as you would with any drug. I'm over a month clean from coke and I still get the craving. I'm happy that he lost weight however how many people will use him losing weight as an excuse to feed their fast food habits? I'm not blaming the company I'm blaming the people.
  11. mosquitomountainman

    mosquitomountainman I invented the internet. :rofl:

    Food is nothing but fuel. It's how much we consume that makes the difference. I've seen more skinny people in McDonalds than fat people and I've watched skinny people eat. When they've had enough they stop eating.

    The absolute worst thing a person can do is blame the food for their problem with obesity. That's as bad as blaming guns for crime so, yes, there is a correlation. Liberals want to outlaw guns to fight crime even though it's been proven to do just the opposite. Liberals also want to outlaw large drinks because they make people fat. I conducted an experiment once. I sat a large pitcher of Pepsi on the table and watched it off and on all day long. Never once did I see it get off the table and force itself down anyone's throat! Yep, there are a lot of correlations between fast food and guns.

    We could even go farther in our correlations and define restaurants and fast food differently and make FF the bad guys because they have no real nutritional value then outlaw fast food franchises just like there are those who want to outlaw evil "assault rifles." But then they'd find fat people in restaurants and want to outlaw those too!

    The problem is not the food nor how/where it is served. The problem is overeating and poor food choices and a lack of exercise. Those are all under the umbrella of personal choice and actions. Just like the misuse of firearms!

    It's not the gun or the food that's to blame. We have to stop blaming inanimate objects for our personal failures and misuse of those objects.

    I don't buy the coke/food addiction concept either. Addiction goes far beyond craving.
  12. FatTire

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    Well... as long we are correlating.. I once had an illegal plant that I harvested, dried, put in a plastic bag and sat it in on a shelf. I checked on it periodically for about two weeks. It never moved once either... just sayin..
  13. Sentry18

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    Well said.

    Is any food really food now days (unless you grew or raised it yourself)? Everything has been modified, engineered and altered. Good food choices are important to health, exercise or physical activity is important to health, but personal choice and personal responsibility is essential in all things. By the way if you watched the video you would see that he had egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast and salads for lunch. I am certain that there was some nutritional value to those foods. I would submit that the gap between the food you receive at a FF place is not all that different than the food you receive at any restaurant or even your local grocery store. That gap used to be wide, but not so much anymore.

    There was a time when people eat fat laden calorie heavy meals 4-5 times a day, because they needed too. They were working in the fields for 14-15 hours a day and their bodies demanded that much energy. Now most people sit as desks and stare at screens all day, they do not need that many calories. So one has to eat according to their lifestyle. I love Coca Cola and could drink 3 gallons a day, but I don't because it is not healthy for me. So I drink water (and lots of it) and from time to time I enjoy a delicious ice cold Coke Zero instead. And from time to time, maybe 6-7 times a year I will hit the drive through at Burger King (the only FF place I like) and get a couple bacon double cheeseburgers and a real coke. Do I do it every day? No. Do I order enough food for a family of 3? No. Does that occasional bout of FF insanity hurt me? No. Because I do so in moderation and as part of an overall balanced lifestyle.
  14. Jim1590

    Jim1590 Annoying pain in the.... knee

    Woody, the article has a before and after photo. He was probably 75 lbs overweight. I saw the supersize me movie and thought it was a crock. Of course he would have all those issues coming from a vegan type diet (think his gf was vegan) and eating McD's 3 times a day for a month. And he supersized everytime they asked him if he wanted to. I think his experiment shows more what a lack of impulse control and lack of moderation can do.

    Wasn't there a story a short time later of a iron worker who ate McD's for a month but she lost weight? She had healthier options instead of winging it like the first guy.

    Now cabowabo, I mightily respect your decision to cut the coke (I hope you mean cola)! It is hard, I once went a full year with no caffeine or soda. It was hard, but I did it. And once the year was up, to the day, I went back to the soda. I am now not happy to say I drink more soda than anything else. I know this will cause issues for me, but it is my chosen vice. I do not smoke, never done drugs and will maybe have one alcoholic drink in a 60 day period on average over a year. I am happy to say that I have maintained the same level of activity and weight as I did during that year. Actually I am more active now... But yes cutting caffeinated drinks will put you through the wringer for the first month or so.
  15. goshengirl

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    It's always been about the choices we make. I've made some bad choices, but I don't blame anyone or anything for them. They were mine to make. ;)
  16. ksmama10

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    My dh's maternal grandfather worked like that and ate that way his whole life. Ate lots of home grown and butchered pork and chicken, and probably drank whole milk. Ate like the hard working depression-era Arkansas farmer he was. I'm not sure how old he was when he died, but I'm guessing he was between 65-75. He didn't slow down his eating as he slowed down on his farm work and he died of a heart attack.
  17. ras1219como

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    My grandmother was from the south and she always cooked like it too (boy was she a fantastic cook). The portions were large and there always seemed to be lots of good stuff in them (read butter) lol. She and my grandpa both ended up with heart problems and obesity after they retired because they just weren't burning the calories.
  18. BillS

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    The federal government will be coming after fast food eventually. The stories about how bad their food is for you is only the beginning. The idea that they owe their workers a "living wage" is also only the beginning. Eventually McDonalds won't be allowed to sell meat in their burgers. They won't be allowed to sell french fries. There will be limits on the sizes and kinds of drinks they're allowed to sell too. It's part of a tyrannical government that wants to control every aspect of our lives besides the targeting of a successful part of the economy.