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    we all have them lets list them all here start with ex(all food) and how you store it )
    ramen noodles 250Pks
    can corn 64 cans
    green beans 64 cans
    carrots 24 cans
    pinto beans 350 lbs in metal trash cans I have a manual grain grinder
    rice 300lbs in metal trash cans
    corn (dried) 2000lbs in metal trash cans
    oats 100lbs in metal trash cans
    hamburger helpers 60 boxes
    peanut butter 4lbs
    pancake syrup 5lbs
    ketchup 6lbs
    mustard 5lbs
    deer meat frozen with about 30 lbs of cow burgers I have a manual meat grinder
    chicken noodle 48 cans
    totmato 48 cans
    sugar 35lbs in mylar bags in a 5 gal can sealed
    corn meal 35lbs in mylar bags in a 5 gal can sealed
    mashed potatoes 25lbs in mylar bags in a 5 gal can sealed

    2. guns and ammo ex(all guns) and how much ammo)
    ..........(((first I have a llla bullet proof vest)))........
    model 700 12 ga. 450 shells
    a marlin 22 a speedmaster 22 and a winchester leveraction 22 with 6500 shells
    38 special 500 shells
    2- 9mms glock and highpoint 700 shells
    mini 14 bad axx at long range 1000 shells
    32auto for her 500 shells
    22short 450 shells
    also a compound bow and a cross bow with all their ammo

    3. water water filters and how will you carry it)
    Burkey filter with 3 sport bottles empty fruit juice bottles the big ones

    4. camping equipment
    camp stove and gas 12- 2lb bottles & 4- 25 lbs bottles
    small backup barbcue grill
    fishing poles and tackel
    fire starter
    survival knife
    campfire coffee pot and cooking pans

    5 Medical supplies
    steri strips
    anti fungal
    triple antibiotic ointment
    diperrash cream
    asprin ibuprofen
    eye drops

    here is most of mine if i think of more ill ad it later Im startn to get sleepy
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    You should try the Aqua Blox water. I have many of them. The military MRE's are hard to come by and you can only purchase the civilian ones. Have you ever tried the civilian MRE's?

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    Why would I want to give you a complete list of all my supplies?
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    Obvious Troll is obvious... :mad:
  5. NaeKid

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    I know that I wouldn't want to give a list either - I was surprised that the OP did, but, that is their choice. My list of food-storage is simple - I have some food stored. My list of gun-n-ammo is simple, there is something there, but, I am not telling everyone in the world (via the 'net) if I have rifles, shotguns, pistols or just air-guns. Close friends and family know what I may or may not have stored at home or in storage lockers.
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    I have accumulated so much since I joined this lot that I really don't know what or how much I have?:D:scratch:eek:
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    Why did the OP accummulate shells for his firearms rather than rounds?
  8. Clarice

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    We have some supplies put back true, but why would I go on the internet and bear my soul??? You don't know who is reading this. I'd rather be safe than sorry.
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    Supplies? What supplies? What do mean by that?
    Nothing to see here. Move along now. :)
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    I would tend to think telling whats in your or my BOB isnt going to come to something he will regret because it appears we all live hundreds of miles away from each other, The closest fellow prepper I know of is in here ..jayjay and Im sure when the crap starts to fly I wont be heading that way or jayjay this way..and Im sure survivalguy has his ducks in a row as far as his "goods" are concerned..I dont know how long anyone goes without rotating the foodstuffs in their BOB..but it might be wise to do (for instance) Ramen noodles has oil in them rendering them good for about 1 yr..or so I have read..before going bad or rancid or whatever word you prefer..I have cans of meat, tuna (in oil :) )..sardines..those pp/cheese crackers, jerky with cheese sticks, small cans of chunk chicken,ham,..small cans of the beenie weenies, potted meat, deviled ham..some canned fruit and dried fruit, trail mix..could go on and on..tell you all can come on down and we could break open my BOB and have a party..I will even buy the beer
  12. JayJay

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    Hey, Azure.. I lived in Springfield, 20 minutes from Nashville for 57 years...and yes, I will not be stalking you---I will be guarding my stash I've been working on for 2 years here in Ky......:wave:

    Paris...yep, too far to walk and if TSHTF...we'll probably be confined to our neighborhoods...:gaah:
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    Jayjay..I will be heading west or east as I have places I can go to..which one I will choose depends on how bad it gets..Ive been up in your neck of the woods once , I rem it because a friend wanted me to go there with him..and since I had never been I went..ended up picking up a 3/4 truck load of 50 lb bags of dog food for his store..I realize most if not all preppers tend to keep their preps on the sly...ppl, well my friends anyhow know about me being a prepper because Im always trying to get them to prep (lost cause)..but they dont have any idea of just how much I have and thats a good thing..that and I already informed them that to come knocking at my door in really bad times wouldnt be a prudent act on their part..having said that..I do kind of wish I knew some ppl that prepped nice to have or develope a way to communicate with each other when it happens..even a local get together I would go for as I like meeting likeminded ideas and such..I think that would be sort of one or two for coffee or something like that..NO organized meetings like a prepper Ho-down or bbq..but the way I see it now is we all are a little too loose knit..wouldnt hurt to tighten it up a bit as I see it..but then again I can just see it from my perspective..which my mama told me often isnt always correct..I wouldnt mind meeting some folks like in Paris..prepping is sort of funny as most ppl who have something in common like to share those interests with one another, ie: fishing hunting bowling or whatever..preppers tend to be just the opposite..I find anyway
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    why would I worry about posting it. Its just a basic survival list they are all over the web. Alot of my supplies has doubled now. A lot of you prob. have the same thing. no one would ever find me and if they did they would have a heck of a time taking it from me. wouldnt any of you defend yours. if you want a gun or ammo would you go after someone thats prepared for your arrival with guns in hand or hit the local gun, pawn shop thats has a camera protecting it. also the same with food they will hit the stores and the weak. If someone comes on here looking to take someone else's supplies all of us is in the same boat really just because u didnt post doest mean you dont have just as much or more, heck your on here so they already know you have it. and they can find you just as easy as they can find me. but really I dont plan on stoping, Im not worried about somene taking mine Im worried about not having enough. if a crying, starving child comes up begging I couldnt turn my back on him/her. and yes I know next time they show up they could have friends (good or bad) but thats why we are in a group of personal friends and family.
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    Put the word "checklist" into the forun search engine, you'll come up with some interesting threads.
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    Hi, guys..last night at the church Christmas program during eating...I DID bring up storing with someone who goes to Sam's and promised to take me(never happens) and know what she said??

    Well, in WWII they confiscated all food, etc and Greg says it'll happen here again if bad happens...I just stared ...then I said, if they can get past an HMR Henry, a 12 guage, a .22 Magnum, and a .32 pistol...they deserve my stored food.
    But, they're gonna need my medical supplies too..:2thumb:(I didn't say that out loud--after all, I was in the Lord's house):ignore:
  17. Clarice

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    Again I would like to caution everyone about giving out too much information. You don't know who is reading these post, or how close to you they live. Prepping is a private matter. Share your ideas and wisdom, but do not give a complete list of your preps or bug out plans for your's and your family's safety.
  18. gypsysue

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    Sure, but you're only thinking of where members live...there are many non-members (lurkers) who are not registered and therefore while they cannot make posts, their locations are also not revealed.

    One would like to think it couldn't happen that someone near us would be reading this and figure out who we are, with the thought of evil intent.

    I agree with Clarice, so much I'm going to copy and paste her sentence: "I would like to caution everyone about giving out too much information. You don't know who is reading these post, or how close to you they live."

    You just don't know. :dunno:
  19. JayJay

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    Reread my post--
    Will I die for my stored food?? NO.

    Will I fight for my stored food?? YES.;)
  20. WEcoyote

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    I would be happy to give you a wish list of things i want. I wish i had....

    200 lbs of freeze dyed veg with a 30 year shelf life.
    100 lbs of planting quality hard red wheat berry with a 50 year shelf life.
    25 acres worth of heirloom seed appropriate to region 10 year shelf life.

    1 45 acp 1911 kimber.
    1 45 acp 18" barrel carbine hi-point
    1 12 gauge pump 500 Mossberg 32" iron sights smooth bore
    1 12 gauge pump 500 Mossberg 20" scooped rifled bore
    1 Remington 700 bolt action scoped chambered for the .308
    1 Springfield armory m1 grand iron sight semi auto in the .308
    40 lbs of clays powder
    2000 brass of each caliber <i like the nickel plated>
    the most commonly required replacement parts for the weapons and reloading press

    i would like some dry pool shock
    a good ceramic water filter with replacement ceramic cartridges
    200 gallons water in 200 gallon plastic water barrel

    A massive how too library on every subject that has been photo copied laminated and compiled into 3 ring binders.

    A dune buggy style ATV that runs off diesel.