the liberal lefts plan backfires or is it planned

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tirediron, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Tirediron

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    If one stands back and watches things the left and their plan to have everyone on social assistance. What or who will pay for this?? not the best plan but it still seems to be the mission.

    Here is what I see happening right now. The proffessors and lobbiest just get tunnel vision and dogged with their missions. If things keep going like they are the unemployable ,Blobs' gibsmedats ,will be the dead and dying

    I keep hearing the excuse that China will not invade the US because the US is such a goods buyer, but if no one in the US can get a job or have any customers for their business how will they buy any "cheap chinese crap"

    Not many years ago stuff imported from Japan was called "Jap Scrap"now they are looked to for quallity and inovation. How long until China ups the QC and attains that status.

    China has stated many times that they wish to control the world and with them holding vast quantities of securities they can just call in the loans.

    Or maybe the depopulation 'tin hat thing is right" remove the Cops and let the cities empty themselves.

    I don't see the logic in the left wanting to have everybody dependant on the Government handout working very well for the "take over". Able healthy people who are on assistance aren't likely going to be that productive in socialist work camps.

    I think the whole thing is going to fall apart like an ill maintained machine and be declaired unrepairable.

    Mean time the self sufficient will continue to be so.
  2. vn6869

    vn6869 Afraid, very afraid

    Excuse me, but weren't you listening - we are - through taxation, confiscation, and community property, Look how well it works in Europe.

    And Star Trek - you ever see them pay for anything.

  3. worldengineer

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    In addition to star trek and the original post, if no body owns anything? Then what is the point in living? IE the same reason the Enterprise still has a brig. People can't deal with a socialist country much less, a socialist universe.

    Who exactly makes all the decisions on Star Trek?
  4. Bigdog57

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    The big fallacy of the "Socialist Utopias" is that mankind cannot maintain a cohesive civilization and make progress without challenge and competition. Make us all 'equal', owning nothing, producing nothing beyond bare necessities, nothing to strive for......
    It all falls apart.
    We need warfare, stress, hostility, competition. It's part of being human. The Socialist Utopia ideal is great for farm animals, not for nature's Top Predator.
  5. vn6869

    vn6869 Afraid, very afraid

    Not sure about the warfare, stress and hostility, but definitely competition.

    Man strives to improve their condition - it is natural and instinctive. Even in communist/socialist countries there is corruption. Why, because there are always those that want to achieve more.

    When there is no "profit" incentive ingenuity and innovation suffer. As does self esteem.

    As Tirediron said "Mean time the self sufficient will continue to be so", they will adapt to their suroundings, whether environmental or political.
  6. Clarice

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    IMHO everyone needs a reason to get up everyday. The challenge is what drives me and the sense of adventure, can't wait to see what the day has in store for me.
  7. JayJay

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    If the elites succeed in bringing every person, rich or poor, to their knees, total economic collapse, then they need only food to barter and trade; we serfs work for nothing, they provide housing and food, that's pretty much being planned now with the housing industries going mush, and with destroying farmers and implementing the 'don't grow your own' which won't be debated anyhow as soon as the oil is unaffordable for we serfs...I truly believe this is the elitist plan.

    No monetary system will be needed ...back to middle ages mentality...if you're not scared yet, you're not paying attention.

    Prep, Prep, Prep, and more Prep.:eek:

    And I think the last defense for this to happen is our guns..the only thing stopping their plan so far??
  8. Klayton

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    I can not confirm this, so perhaps its just BS, but I was told Obama has once been caught saying if I can get 51% of the population on some form of welfare, the Democrats will rule forever in all three branches. :mad:

    Now, why would they want that? Beyond obvious reasons, most liberals actually believe that Capitalism is wrong, and Socialism is the way of the future. If the Democrats rule for a decade or two, they will bankrupt America so bad with their entitlement programs (read BUYING VOTES), that inflation (Fed printing money nonstop to pay our debts) will crush the US Dollar, we will be forced to concede and join a New World Order and fall inline with a global government and global currency. I forget what the current proposed global currency is called.However, what I found on the web, major nations recently had a meeting, and purposely did not invite the U.S. :scratch

    I have doubled my prep budget starting December First for this very reason... :D