The last of Idaho River-Canyon loners has died

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  1. Seneschal

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    I thought this was relevant to the site, and thought some people might find it interesting. It's sad that this man died--but the way he lived was admirable. There aren't very many people out there who can claim to have been completely self-sufficient for most of their lives.

    The Article is Here
  2. Kiwi Will

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    I wonder if he was on the electoral roll. What a great story of a true free man.
    What a shame he didn't end up lying in the ground of the place he seemed to want to be at.
    Rest in peace ol' chap.

  3. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    Rest in peace ol' man ...

    It is a shame that his brother can take him away .. wonder if the ol' caveman had a will written up that would allow him to stay right where he wants to be?
  4. Seneschal

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    Who knows. I thought it was a shame that he wasn't going to be buried there, too. I mean, he obviously wanted to be there...oh, well. Maybe his brother isn't healthy enough to make the trip to have the funeral there? There could be extenuating circumstances. Still, I'm impressed by that man.
  5. *Andi

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    RIP - Salmon River Caveman.
  6. marlas1too

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    they are just taking his tired old body somewheres else but his spirit will always walk the canyons he loved