The joys of being married to the garbage man or Why I Love my Scavenger

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    DH is the public works main guy in our small community. Takes care of water, sewer, streets, animal control, and supervises the garbage pick up.
    Over the years, he has brought home a multitude of scavenged materials:

    • A Little Tykes slide with a broken brace. Fixed it with a nut/washer and flat piece of metal. DD played with it for 2 or 3 years, until she outgrew it. We sold it in a yard sale.
    • Various Pots and pans
    • A few weeks ago, he brought home an older TV set and a very good carry on bag with wheels and a handle. The bag looks new inside, only shows a bit of wear on the wheels
    • Best of all- 4 brand new, in the box Lexmark Copy/Scan/Fax/Printers and a Lowes Shop Vacuum. We had some flooding the last week of October, and as people are cleaning up,, The shop vac box was damp, but the instructions weren't even damp. The person who had the printers, for some unknown reason, had a dozen of the same printer, still in unopened boxes. Some boxes were soaked from the flooding, others just damp. He unpacked and triaged them. We were able to get 4 of them working. Gave 2 to his workers and kept 2 for our home network. All I had to do was find the updated driver to support Windows Vista, and they were good to go. Salvaged the print cartridges and some USB hubs from the drowned ones.

    I LOVE going places with hubby. He has a knack for finding and using discarded items. For years we didn't buy lights for Christmas decorations. He would salvage them from trash and get them working again. Until the lights became so cheep and poorly made that it wasn't worth his time and effort to do so. I have a bookcase that we rescued from the dumptster 20 yrs ago. He also will salvage bikes and piece them together for the kids. Doesn't hurt so much when they break it or leave it out to get stolen if you paid nothing for it.

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    Congrat's on the great find's. I have been lucky to score some good stuff over the years. When it's pickup day the night before i do a little looking and it has paid off.

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    My grandfather used to go scrounging at the local dump, and it's pretty amazing some of the stuff he found. To this day, I'll walk around my mom's house (which used to be my grandparents') and find cool old stuff, ask mom where it came from, and she'll say, "Oh, my father found that at the dump." He loved to fix things, it was just a hobby of his.
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    I completely built a goat hut out of materials I scavenged from the dumpster at a home remodeling project. The only thing I didn't get there was the tin roof which was leftover pieces from the barn roof.
    I am not too proud to go "dumpster diving".
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    Congrats on your find Cvornurse.