The Inherent Problem with Offering Specific Advice

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    Found a thought provoking essay on Charles Hugh Smith's web site "Of Two Minds"

    Here is the link: charles hugh smith-Weblog and Essays

    The essay is titled The Inherent Problem with Offering Specific Advice
    in which "Readers ask for specific recommendations for successfully navigating the post-credit/debt/petroleum era and I try to do so while explaining the impossibility of the task."

    Take a read then lets discuss as this issue comes up on every preparedness site I have visited.

    Hope you enjoy, WinOregon
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    Reading this now ..

    I'll have to get back to you on my thoughts afterwards ..

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    I find this another good read and then comes along the same old theme...

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    Just another way to make money, and nothing wrong with that.

    We all have discussed these circumstances here on the forum many times, no doomsayers, just preparedness.
    Some were happy to have had their food storage on hand when an unexpected job layoff, personal tragedy, or the like happen to come along.
    I speak for myself when I talk about food storage, self defense, home security, and disaster planning. I don't promote anything, just share my thoughts and ideas to others and don't see any harm in that. I don't ask for any gratuities, platitudes or slap on the back. I feel its my duty as a human being to share and help others. Sorry if this sounds a bit corny, but that is the way I feel.
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    A couple points really jumped out and said :quote:Here I am!:quote: - and these are words that members have at have used here many times:

    #1 - Join a group or network of like-minded people. If you want to learn about gardening, join an urban-garden group. If you want to learn to hunt, join a gun-club and make friends with some of the hunters. If you want to random-camp (non campground), join an offroading group (quad, bike, 4x4).

    #2 - Plan ahead. If you worry about the government not being able to provide clean water, dig your own well. If you worry about the price of food, grow / raise your own. If you worry about your safety, join neighborhood watch.

    #3 - Take care of the needs of yourself first. Then take care of the needs of those closest to you. With those two points taken care of - then you can take care of the needs of those in your community (group, club, church, work, etc).

    #4 - Build up your skill-set. You might not always have money to take care of your needs, but, you could use your skills to help someone else out and in return have your needs taken care of.

    I am wondering if Charles Smith is a member here and has just collected the information and placed it into his own blog. :dunno: :wave:
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    Don't know about that, but look's like i,d follow your advise on this one. :beercheer: