The industry is taking notice.

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    While many European countries refuse to sell American foods loaded with chemicals; nitrites, nitrates, etc now we are seen it in our stores too ,maybe and finally after many years of greed and ignorance and colon and stomach cancer they are changing for the better or money ;soda sales are down around the world too ,even coke is investing in new juices and water drinks ,I guess money talks For many years I have avoided chemicals in our home diet ,from smoke products to process foods ,msg`s to sodium (I love boil spam) and have notice a great improvement in my digestion and blood pressure ,also eating out and never fast foods .So maybe we can take notice and read the food label more often .
    Oscar Mayer rolls out iconic improvement to hot dogs:cheers:
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    Thanks for the link. Modern food and chemicals is doing far more harm to us than we can imagine.

    We ate a very similar died for thousands of years up until about 120ish years ago. We then learned to process foods, in the 1st time in human history we have white foods (bread, sugar, flour) which was never seen before and it continues to get worse.

    I heard and interview and if you look at the average American's diet that is on a "diet" and compare those to the feed we use to fatten up our live stock they are molecularly and ingredient wise the same.

    Scary stuff.

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    Stop eating out! Know where your food comes from...make sure it's not from a lab.
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    I'm wondering how healthy "clone beef" is?
    remember what happened to "Dolly"?
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    What happened to Dolly? I don't remember this...
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    Dolly died......but four other ones are still going strong.
    Excerpt: "Dolly eventually died after being diagnosed with a virus in 2003 at six years old — half the typical life expectancy of a sheep of her kind."
    "We're presented with a blank slate in a way," researcher David Gardner said during a press conference in the UK on Monday. "We wanted to assess these animals' physiology to see if they're normal." As it turns out, Dolly may have just gotten a bad shake. Researchers at the University of Nottingham announced Tuesday that four clones derived from Dolly's cell line are alive and healthy at nine years old."

    I like your explanation better.....:2thumb:
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    So does this mean no more lips and ashole jokes when it comes to the beloved tube steak?
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    Our life style and ignorance can kill us ,government is there for protection and rule making but is all of us that put that food in our bodies ,we have the power over government ,in todays world we are nothing more than food junkies we are also into commercialism we love our TV`s and what corporate America sales and to be honest ,is junk. In my younger days the kitchen was the heart of the house we had no fancy gadgets but food was fresh everyday ,hell we had no power .Today we got lazy even with all our toys our fridge is full of chemicals and frozen meats God knows how old ,nobody makes fresh sausages any more or even a loaf of bread ,scramble eggs come in a box and potatoes are so frozen that taste like snow, yes we got lazy and sicker too.
    Can Food Help Prevent Cancer?
    Food Additive Status List
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    People eat fewer hotdogs. There's one kind I bought for 30 years called "Plumpers". They were the only hotdog that I liked. They don't make them anymore.

    I think European restrictions on American food products is more political than anything else.

    I don't believe that food additives cause cancer.

    To me, it's funny how there's more and more marijuana smokers along with more and more people concerned about food additives. It's funny how big some people's blind spots are.
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    [​IMG] Whauut?
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    I don't get it either. When I see this kind of ranting all I can think is....

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    Wow, that's a shocker! You would think putting a name like that on a product would be like printing money :coffee:

    Well sure, except the ones that do, right? I mean it's pretty hard to argue against the fact that SOME things we are or were eating in food are bad for you, (and carcinogenic) at least in certain quantities.