The HUTAREE's day in court.

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    Judge orders release of 9 Hutaree.

    So the system of justice is working? They gave the men their rights...but also put them under heavy restrictions and monitoring bracelets.

    But an update said that the Feds (prosecuters) won a delay in the release of the 9 Hutaree.

    If I believe the words of the accusers...then the Hutaree conspired to commit murder with explosives...

    If I believe the defendants...the they were not truly going to do it...or whatever.

    Truth is I do not know which....innocent until proven guilty? That is how our justice system works right?
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    The judge on the case has already reamed out the FBI on several points. This is looking more and more like the Randy Weaver case in Idaho. A bungled government investigation, bogus accusations and the desire to make a splash in the news. Only this time it's the FBI instead of the BATF. If the evidence presented at the hearing is an indication they have no case against these people.

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    The prosecution has until 5pm today to show cause.