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    If there are any other history freaks around here like myself:D, History channel has a new special on tonight actually right now, America, The Story of Us or something similar is the title, it's pretty good so far, might wanna check it out!
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    I like history ... but no History channel.:(

  3. sailaway

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    I love the history channel, thanks for the reminder. My favorite era is our civil was, we are comming up on the 150 year anniversary of it and the reinacting battles and get togethers ought to be huge.:cool:
  4. TechAdmin

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    I missed night one! I hate catching miniseries half way through. The History channel is good about releasing things pretty quickly on DVD so I'm going to have to wait.
  5. sewserious

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    The DVD is already available on their website, or you can pay to download it on i-tunes.

    Edited to add: The first episode will re-air on Wed at 8 p.m. Eastern and again on Sat at 10 p.m. Eastern
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    I like history and will wait till i see it. Wondering how they will rewright it this time. I like most of their stuff but some of it could be corrected with a 5th grade history book. I,ll watch and see before commenting on it. On the surface looks like its got its share of lefty's telling us about our past, that might make it slanted or not, like i said i will watch it and see. :dunno:
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    I figured it was. I haven't been on that site in a while. I got my sister a copy Christianity : The early years for Christmas and they have all kinds of stuff I would gladly spend my money on. I guess it's good thing I haven't gone back.:D
  8. marlas1too

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    missed the first one but saw the second one last nite and ill never see another one eather -it was about the cival war and kept saying the war was fought over the slaves --bullhocky the cival war had little to do with slavery it was fought over states rights versus the goverment control-and lincoln only freed the slaves when he learned of france was going to sell arms and help the south in the war-i wish people would learn history befor they say things that are not true but thats big brother for you changing history to suit them and the liberals-when was the last time you read your childs history book bet it dosent say the things you were taught in school i know it dosent say the things i was taught in the 50,s and 60,s---oh well i have better things to do than look at tv i have books (old books)that tell it like it is ----remember its better to have and not need than need and not have
  9. sailaway

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    Maybe it will show up on youtube.
  10. PragmaticWorm

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    I watched about seven episodes before I gave up on this crap. The filming was terrible, they reused shots and scenes and animation ad nauseum. They have really odd commentators, Michael Strahan, Michael Douglas, a guy from Pixar.

    Not to mention the civil war thing. They also completely forgot about world war I. The whole show is painted in broad strokes then slows down to talk about the guy that developed the sewer system for NY. It wasn't made for anyone who cares about history, it was made for the dumbed down sound bite network news American society.
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