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The grab"n"git kit!

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A basic kit to throw in the trunk of your car,over your sholder,or stash somewhere near your retreat in case you get looted/raided.

3 changes of clothing,including socks,underwear,and cold weather gear if your area needs it,if you're in the deep south,you know what you need.

A decent Med-kit,not the three bandaid and butterfly crap,I mean a GOOD ONE!

A week's worth of MREs and a water filter and WPTs

A supply of any medications you require and glasses if needed.

Etxra boots and foot-powder.

Unscented Talcum powder.

A good working knife and pocket knife,a hatchet or machette too if you can take the weight.

A good,accurate and reliable 22 rifle,I chose a Ruger 10/22 because I could use a folding stock and extended magazines,but you know what works for you.several magazines as well.

500 rounds of high velocity 22LR.

A reliable and accurate 22 pistol,again,mine is a Ruger but there are many others equally serviceable.several magazines as well.

A fishing kit,something like a pocket fisherman or backpacking rod is great!but if space or weight is a concern,a couple of spools of heavy fishing line and some various hooks in an Altoids box is fine.

A Zippo lighter,fuel,and a couple of packs of flints.

A rain poncho.
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I carry two kits in the pick-up. One is for when I have to leave home and the other is for when I can't go home for awhile.
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