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The grab"n"git kit!

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A basic kit to throw in the trunk of your car,over your sholder,or stash somewhere near your retreat in case you get looted/raided.

3 changes of clothing,including socks,underwear,and cold weather gear if your area needs it,if you're in the deep south,you know what you need.

A decent Med-kit,not the three bandaid and butterfly crap,I mean a GOOD ONE!

A week's worth of MREs and a water filter and WPTs

A supply of any medications you require and glasses if needed.

Etxra boots and foot-powder.

Unscented Talcum powder.

A good working knife and pocket knife,a hatchet or machette too if you can take the weight.

A good,accurate and reliable 22 rifle,I chose a Ruger 10/22 because I could use a folding stock and extended magazines,but you know what works for you.several magazines as well.

500 rounds of high velocity 22LR.

A reliable and accurate 22 pistol,again,mine is a Ruger but there are many others equally serviceable.several magazines as well.

A fishing kit,something like a pocket fisherman or backpacking rod is great!but if space or weight is a concern,a couple of spools of heavy fishing line and some various hooks in an Altoids box is fine.

A Zippo lighter,fuel,and a couple of packs of flints.

A rain poncho.
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I have a couple of kits ..

The ones that stay in my vehicle all the time include tow-straps, blankets, granola, granola bars, cereal bars, hard candies, cleaning supplies, rubber gloves, work gloves, winter gloves, toques, tire-chains .. and such.

My in the house kit that is ready to go at moments notice contains communication devices (Cobra hand-held CB, FRS), two inverters, head-lamp, solar blankets and a few other things.

Then I have the backpacks that contain clothing, hammock, bug-spray, solar blankets, duct-tape, rope and a few other things ..
There is a separate "Go Kit" for Ham radio operators to set up "Field Stations" ....I will post it if anyone is interested.

Also, you should map out several escape routes from your home if you need to leave the area......

Red cross and FEMA have list for "sheltering in home" during emergencies.
That would be a good bit of information in the communications section .. go ahead and start a new thread there! :D
Pretty new to this whole thing, all the suggested kits sound awesome but i don't really have much of a clue on what's what.

I thought all you need was a backpack full of enough supplies to last you 3 days because that's when the real help comes. But then i read something about a trailer with a mattress loaded with supplies. Sounds like an awesome idea but i'm not a position to do that sort of thing.

Guess i'll keep looking around this forum to try and find a beginners kit or something.
It is fairly easy to create a BOB (Bug-Out-Bag) and maintain it. Think of the BOB as being a camping-kit. In it, place the stuff that you need to camp-out for 3 days. Depending on where you live (4-seasons or 1 season) you might want to create several BOB's. A winter-BOB would include things like winter-gloves, touque, heat-maker, quick-foods, blankets (sleeping-bag). A summer-BOB would have things like white clothing, hammock, tarp, rope, bug-spray, bug-net and water-packs.

Of course, there are things that you might need beyond the basics (medicines) and those are the kinds of things that you would want to add to your BOB. The easiest way to fine-tune your BOB is to use it - go camping with the BOB and add-subtract as required.
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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