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The grab"n"git kit!

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A basic kit to throw in the trunk of your car,over your sholder,or stash somewhere near your retreat in case you get looted/raided.

3 changes of clothing,including socks,underwear,and cold weather gear if your area needs it,if you're in the deep south,you know what you need.

A decent Med-kit,not the three bandaid and butterfly crap,I mean a GOOD ONE!

A week's worth of MREs and a water filter and WPTs

A supply of any medications you require and glasses if needed.

Etxra boots and foot-powder.

Unscented Talcum powder.

A good working knife and pocket knife,a hatchet or machette too if you can take the weight.

A good,accurate and reliable 22 rifle,I chose a Ruger 10/22 because I could use a folding stock and extended magazines,but you know what works for you.several magazines as well.

500 rounds of high velocity 22LR.

A reliable and accurate 22 pistol,again,mine is a Ruger but there are many others equally serviceable.several magazines as well.

A fishing kit,something like a pocket fisherman or backpacking rod is great!but if space or weight is a concern,a couple of spools of heavy fishing line and some various hooks in an Altoids box is fine.

A Zippo lighter,fuel,and a couple of packs of flints.

A rain poncho.
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So.......43 veiewers,did it help?or did you want me to break the rules and post about a supreme,tricked out AK-47/AR-15 zombie killa' kit?you can find that dumb crap on my forum,LOL!
The .22 LF is ubiquitous, and ammunition is plentiful, but I have a .22 WMF already, which gives just a bit more "oomph." I just need a pistol to match. As for the medical kit, I would say to go with as much as you are trained to use.

Yes, definitely helpful.
AMT used to make a 22 WMF "automag"which was a deadly accurate and with recomended ammo,reliable,sadly both it and AMT went poof in the 90's.
you can still find them at gunshows however.

Ruger and Colt sued them out of existance.:mad:
Good thinking!
Y'know,I'm thinking that a GP kit won't do anymore,I'll need three:

One for a "normal evacuation" like a burst gas line or minor chemical leak.

One for more serious things like a forrest fire or something else that might take a few days..

One for an all-out SHTF moment!godz that sucker'll be heavy!
Now call me an optomist,but the landlord gave me a hell of an idea for one IF circumstances permitted an un hindered road escape.get a 6'X10' U-haul style trailer,put two foam mattresses in it,cover them by sliding a couple of bricks between them,put in a sheet of plywood for a fake floor and stack it full of supplies,keeping the semi-perishables at the back for ease of rotation and the firearms,ammo and tools up fron to make them hard for a thief to steal/NWO soldier to see.and keep it off to one side under a tarp,then when the SHTF,simply back up to it and haul @$$.its big enough to sleep 3 as well!much more comfy than a back seat.
1 - 6 of 27 Posts
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