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Discussion in 'General Food and Foraging Discussion' started by OldCootHillbilly, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. OldCootHillbilly

    OldCootHillbilly Reverend Coot

    Been lookin at my seed catalogs an puttin tagether this years order.

    Gonna plant lots a jalepeno's like usual, love the jelly.

    Also, a few maters, but lots a dried beans this year. Many varieties ya can't buy in the stores an the price a beans be gettin high. Sides, beans er good fer ya!

    Some squash an some pumpkins fer my granddaughters.

    A few carrots, radish's and turnips ta cut inta the horseradish. Bout all I got room fer now. Should be a good, tastey an productive summer!
  2. IrritatedWithUS

    IrritatedWithUS Well-Known Member

    I've been planning my garden as well. I too plan on planting lots of jalapenos as well as bell peppers and beans. I was thinking about canning the bell peppers with some tomatoes, garlic, and onions and making a spaghetti sauce out of them this year ;)

  3. nj_m715


    I hear ya, we ordered the seeds for our poor little excuse of a garden last week and picked up some spices to try inside. I'm looking into the food forest thing. I like idea of growing stuff that just keeps coming back. Berries, nuts, kiwi's etc. I have two brown thumbs and finding someone local who is into the permiculture stuff isn't easy. I'm old fashioned, I like to go to the local store and ask the experts about things. Now the "experts" know more about i-phones than anything in the store that employes them. I guess it's back to google and youtube to research it on my own.
  4. tsrwivey

    tsrwivey Supporting Member

    We got the red & yellow onion starts in the ground today and the carrot seeds planted. I'm ready for some homegrown tomatoes & fresh purple hull peas!!! We'll plant some squash, bell & jalepeno peppers, green beans, & corn. Maybe some eggplant. Still need to sit down & plan everything out.
  5. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    DW ordered her seeds a while back and they showed up today. We got: zucchini, spaghetti squash, pickling cukes, rutabaga, tomatoes, 2 kinds of lettuce, butternut squash, brussels sprouts, and onion and red raspberry sets that have yet to arrive. I think she got the blueberries ordered but I'm not sure what variety she ended up going with.

    I cleaned the rabbit pens today and dumped a couple wheelbarrow loads of bunny manure on the garden. The weather's been beautiful here but the ground's still too wet to till. I honestly did think about getting the rototiller going but it'd just make a muddy mess at this point.
  6. OldCootHillbilly

    OldCootHillbilly Reverend Coot

    Were still a few weeks out from plantin, but I just put in my orders, so stuff we'll be here when the times right!
  7. UncleJoe

    UncleJoe Well-Known Member

    Yea. Me too. The last 3 days I was so tempted to get out there and get things started. Luckily I came to my senses. I tried working the ground too early a few years ago. What a mess! When it finally did dry out enough to be worked, I had huge clumps of "concrete." I just told myself; "It's only February, be patient."
  8. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    Exactly. We still have lots of time to get ready so may as well plan things out and not rush, at least not yet.
  9. Emerald

    Emerald Well-Known Member

    I too, want to run out there and plop stuff in the ground with this big thaw but tomorrow morning is supposed to drop another load of the cold, white, wet stuff on us again! But I do have a small aquaponic, deep water culture set up with some extra dwarf boc choi and some lettuce going right now! I am only a few days away from harvesting those baby boc's and throwing them into the stir fry! But I am gonna have to wait for those goldyfishys to get bigger before I eat them! lol;):D
  10. ComputerGuy

    ComputerGuy Retired Air Force

    Excellent ideas for tomorrow. Get the worm farm soil into egg cartons and have the grandkids plant seeds to germinate
  11. carolexan

    carolexan Junior Member

    We tilled all day, have garden planned and seeds sprouting inside. We have been in the high 70's in my neck of the woods. Our garden wil be larger this year so I'm looking forward to it!
  12. sailaway

    sailaway Well-Known Member

    I'm just planting a couple of portable pots this year, but sure I will get carried away, the last 2 years disruptions in my life disrupted the garden. Last year I also tried an indoor garden with peppers and tomatoes, but yield was "0" due to no pollination.:scratch
  13. goshengirl

    goshengirl Supporting Member

    This subject is near and dear to my heart right now - working on the master plan! (not all corn types play nice together - gotta figure out the isolation locations...) We're converting the entire pasture to garden, so we've got a big project in store. (If we ever get animals, they'll be in a different location, so that's not a problem - we needed the sunny, fenced area for the garden.) Today we cut down some 40ft tall pines to get us more sunlight - we'll use some of the smaller branches for bean poles, etc.

    Here's our list:
    beans - Anasazi, Aztec white, Cannellini, Hutterite, and Mayflower pole
    beets - Sugar Beets
    carrots - Little Finger, Minicor
    corn (sweet) - Gotta Have It, Kandy Korn, Northern Xtra, Ruby Queen, Silver Queen, Stowell's Evergreen
    corn (dent) - Hopi Blue, Mandan Red, Oaxacan Green,
    corn (popcorn) - Dakota Black, Early Pink
    lettuce - Iceberg
    melon - Twice As Nice
    peas - Green Arrow, Lincoln, Maestro, Wando
    peanuts - Early Spanish, Improved Virginia, Jumbo Virginia
    potatoes - German Butterball, Goldrush, Kennebec, Yellow Finn, Yukon Gold (need a red variety)
    sunflowers - Mammoth, Super Snack
    tomatoes - Amish Paste, Bellestar, Big Boy, Big Mama, Cherokee Purple, Roma
    watermelon - Bush Sugar Baby, Jubilee
    seeds from the 'Seed Project' here on the board :)

    We've also got grapes (Concord, Catawba) and fruit trees (apple, cherry, plum, pear). And there are loads of raspberry bushes in the woods that don't produce well - we're going to move them to full sun and see if that helps. Oh, and herbs, too!

    Anyone selling a tiller? :eek:
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  14. OldCootHillbilly

    OldCootHillbilly Reverend Coot

    Darlin, I think yer gonna need a plow! Don't beleive a tiller gonna cut it!:D
  15. goshengirl

    goshengirl Supporting Member

    LOL! Don't I know it! I DREAM of plows! :D

    But between mower and financial limitations, a tiller it is. ;)

    Just really feeling the food crunch and wanting to be prepared - and determined to make it happen. I thought my DH would think I was crazy for wanting to cut up the whole pasture - turned out he'd been thinking the same thing. Seeing him go out there today and cut up those trees - worth more than any Valentine's present to me - and then some! :kiss: It's better than having him 'support' me on something I want to do - he wants this garden as much as I do.

    We're doing a sort of modified square foot gardening, building up rows. Just added up everything, and it does fit in the pasture. Yeay!
  16. sailaway

    sailaway Well-Known Member

    An oldtimer told me to get an old tiller, they weigh alot and will really dog down and turn the earth. The newer ones are light weight and take alot of effort to turn the soil.
  17. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    You mean old stuff is built better than new stuff? Say it ain't so!! You'll anger the Chinese gods of production.

    *ahem* Sorry about that...

    Goshengirl-how big is this garden going to be? It sounds really impressive.
  18. goshengirl

    goshengirl Supporting Member

    Thanks Sailaway - been checking out craigslist, and that info helps.

    Jason, our pasture is 70ft x 160ft, less a corner for a one stall structure we generously call a 'barn'. Are you familiar with square foot gardening? Instead of building boxes in the typical 4x4 or 4x8 sizes, we're making 4ft wide rows by staking boards along the length of the rows and building up the soil, making raised beds. There's 3.5 ft between rows, and 4ft on the ends, to allow for turning wheelbarrows, etc. Add we'll have to go around the perpetually wet/soggy area (that I'm convinced is a spring, and hope someday to find out for sure).

    In addition to the list I posted above, there are also the seeds from the Seed Project here on this board - it will be interesting to compare them to 'fresh' seeds. And we'll make room for our NYC family who visits this area often - my brother's kids are looking forward to being able to grow stuff.

    Our goal is to not have to buy veggies ever again (with the exception of needing variety). Ideally, I would like to start a little smaller, learn a little more, build up with each year. But my gut says we have to do this NOW, there's no time to get this up and running at an ideal pace, so I'm listening to the gut. It's what started me prepping in the first place.
  19. MrSfstk8d

    MrSfstk8d Well-Known Member

    Got quite a few seeds going in cells indoor now. Can't wait till ground is warm and dry enough outside to work.
  20. Woody

    Woody Woodchuck

    You have to play Bee. I use Q-tips, one for each species of plant. It only takes a few minutes and is actually fun going from flower to flower. Just make sure to keep them dry.