The End Of The World Starts May 21, 2011

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    Road trip to the end of the world -

    From Jacksonville to Tampa, Florida (CNN)
    -- If you thought you had less than three perfectly healthy months to live, what would you do? Would you travel? Spend time with loved ones? Appreciate the joy life has given you?

    Or would you ditch your kids and grandkids, join strangers in a caravan of RVs and travel the country warning people about the end of the world?

    If you're Sheila Jonas, that's exactly what you'd do.

    "This is so serious, I can't believe I'm here," says Jonas, who's been on the road since fall. Like her cohorts, she's "in it 'til the end," which she believes is coming in May.

    She won't talk about her past because, "There is no other story. ... We are to warn the people. Nothing else matters."

    Such faith and concern drove her and nine others, all loyal listeners of the Christian broadcasting ministry Family Radio, to join the radio station's first "Project Caravan" team.

    They walked away from work, families and communities in places as far-flung as California, Kansas, Utah and New Jersey. Among them are an electrician, a TV satellite dish installer, a former chef, an international IT consultant and a man who had worked with the developmentally disabled.

    They gave away cars, pets, music collections and more to relatives, friends and neighbors. Some items they kicked to the curb. In homes that weren't emptied, clothes are still hanging in closets, and dishes, books and furniture -- including one man's antique collection -- are gathering dust. Unless, of course, they've been claimed by others. If you believe it's all going to be over soon, why would it matter if you close the front door, much less lock it, when you walk away?

    It's a mid-winter morning in Jacksonville, Florida, when CNN joins this faithful caravan. The "ambassadors," as they call themselves, are easy to spot. They are the 10 people milling about in an RV park drawing stares, eye rolls, under-the-breath mutters and, at times, words of support.

    They're wearing sweatshirts and other clothing announcing the "Awesome News," that Judgment Day is coming on May 21. On that day, people who will be saved will be raptured up to heaven. The rest will endure exactly 153 days of death and horror before the world ends on October 21. That message is splashed across their five sleek, vinyl-wrapped RVs, bearing this promise: "The Bible guarantees it!"

    So there you have it folks; the event we have all been preparing for. :rolleyes:
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    There were here around Christmas time I think it was. I have a friend who lives in an RV park here and they were there for a couple of days ... I was wondering at the time if those nice vans with the pretty wrap jobs on them were paid off or mortgaged to the hilt. ;)

    Danggit ... I thought I had until 2012 ... Isn't that was the Aztecs said? :rolleyes:

  3. goshengirl

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    That's my MIL's birthday. She'll be glad to know. :rolleyes:
  4. BadgeBunny

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    LOL ... the day after my youngest darling son's ... he said "Oh boy!! Hey mom ... no reason NOT go give me EVERYTHING I want then, huh?" :rolleyes:
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    ~~~They're wearing sweatshirts and other clothing announcing the "Awesome News," that Judgment Day is coming on May 21.~~~

  6. Jason

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    I read that this morning. I wondered about the RV's too-are they paid for, who paid for them, who paid for the wrap jobs, etc. And who's buying all the fuel?

    What I thought was a shame was the 7 year old saying that she was afraid she wouldn't go to Heaven because she thought she did something bad. I digress-not gonna start a religious debate.
  7. nj_m715


    Maybe they forgot to count the leap years? It's gotta add up after all this time.

    My neighbor saw a billboard about the bible predicting the end in May. I guess it's the same group. I hope they hold a press conference on Oct 22 when nothing has happened.
  8. UncleJoe

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    I'm wondering what they're going to do on May 22 when they realize they weren't whisked away. Probably do like a GPS unit; "Recalculating" :D
  9. Sonnyjim

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    :congrat:wow...... wow....
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    No one knows the end of time except God. I think this group is just looking for attention. Keep prepping. I do feel TEOTWAWKI is not far off, but my crystal ball hasn't given me a date yet.
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    I was not going to do this but..................

    :gaah:GAG ME>>>>>>>>>>SIGH:rolleyes:
  12. UncleJoe

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    Now doesn't that feel better. :D
  13. catsraven

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  14. Bigdog57

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    Those folks will feel awefully silly when they wake up the next morning to the same old world, and realise they have really messed up their lives......

    Ah well - stupidity is NOT illegal, just.... stupid. :2thumb:
  15. JayJay

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    You know what Ron White says....'you can't fix stupid'..
  16. Magus

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    Why do we let them breed?:scratch
  17. HozayBuck

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    Would all of you

    who are leaving please leave me a map to your prep stash's? and your ammo !! I figger to need it more then yawl do?.:D:D not that I'm a bad person just that I figure this will be a good fight and like you know..we get to kill MZB's for God!... and no I'm not being anti anything and I'm not laughing... well maybe a tiny bit...
  18. BillM

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    Easter is coming this Sunday !

    When Christ was crucified he was wrapped in grave clothes and placed in a tomb.

    The high priests of Jerusalem feared that his disciples would steal the body and say he had risen.

    They went to the Roman Governor and asked him to place a Roman guard detachment at the tomb to prevent this from occurring.

    He sent this own elite Praetorian guard to the tomb and this special squad of Roman soldiers, (men who had faced death many times and were not afraid to die), placed the Governors seal on the huge stone which they rolled in front of the tomb sealing the opening.

    The next morning a single Angel descended upon the stone and rolled it away.

    His appearance was so over powering, that the entire Roman military guard , "became as dead men"!

    The last resort of a soldier when over run by a superior force, is to play dead !

    They played dead until Christ arose and the Angel left .

    Then they went straight to the Governor and told him everything that happened !

    They knew they faced "decimation" but told the story anyway, even after they were paid not to tell !

    Some things just need to be told.

    Happy Easter!

  19. TrackerRat

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    Well hopefully they have enough to get them till Dec. 21st 2012.
  20. rockpilefarmer

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    Don't know about the end but

    a dear friend of mine in ministry (of the Christian sort) just came back from a "tour" (musician) and said one of her contacts claimed the Chinese were going to reel in the debt of ours come June....if they do, we are toast.