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The Elitists and the Economy

Unleavened Bread Ministries - The Elitists and the Economy

Lindsey Williams' statements (primarily based on what his elitist contact told him just a few weeks ago, but also based on previous knowledge)

1. Within two years, you will not recognize America.

2. In two years' time, you will be so poor that you will not be able to do anything. You will be so poor that you will not be able to rebel against the NWO/elitists. It will be too late to take your country back by force.

3. Within two years, nearly everyone will be working for the government. Think not? The CEO of General Motors is now the President of the United States. The US government bailed GM out of bankruptcy; thus, it now owns the company. You are being enslaved with your own labor and your own tax dollars. Your president has demanded that every executive, of every company that the US government has bailed out, cut their pay by 90%. Yikes! If he can cut the pay of top executives by 90%, don't you think he can cut your pay by 90%?

4. Approximately 160 banks have filed bankruptcy since January 1st of this year and were sold to other banks that were bailed out by the US government. Who owns these banks now? Who is now the president of these banks? Who controls the pay of the employees of these banks now? The government plans to cut out all banks and leave a total of nine banks which they have previously bailed out, including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup bank. Do you realize who these banks employees work for now?

5. Doctors, nurses, dentists, insurance agents, etc., are soon to be employees of the federal government, once this Health Care Bill, that has been created in Congress and now is about to be passed by your government, is made into law.

6. The government already controls the news media outlets. They already propagate their garbage via your news media sources. CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, etc., are all controlled and owned by elitists and government-controlled propaganda apparatuses.

7. The elite control the world. They control the OPEC nations and they can control the price of crude oil on any given day. They can manipulate the stock markets around the world. They have the power to manipulate nations and laws of these nations.

8. The elite have altered their timeline slightly. Massive inflation was supposed to be evident by this time but it hasn't transpired yet. You have approximately two years before massive inflation hits and it will be very evident in two years' time. They altered their timeline for world governance because you, the taxpayer, gave trillions of dollars to bail out the world financial institutions and world economy. You gave the elite of the world 2½ TRILLION dollars and by doing so the elitists extended their timeline; through this, the elite also realized that as long as Americans are provided their fleshly distractions, they're like frogs in a pot and can be slowly cooked to death. By the time most realize they've been taken for a ride, it will be too late to successfully fight against the tyranny because most will be fighting just to survive. Bloomberg demanded to know where the taxpayers' money went, so Congress asked them and they said NO! They said NO to the American people and they said we have no intention of answering your questions. Our nation is being looted on a scale unmatched anywhere in world history!

9. Inflation will increase over the next two years and will be massive by the end of the next two-year cycle. It is being done slowly to hide this sinister deed and to slow-boil the American people. They do not want to do it quickly or it will anger the citizens and they will rise up against the machine. They want to do this quietly so you will not notice their thievery. Inflation is a silent tax. But tax you they will.

10. Gold and silver is all YOU can rely on! The paper you carry around is worth much less and it will soon become worthless. Why gold and silver? Because it is the elitists' currency and it will not be destroyed by this intentional destruction of your dollar, your country, your economy and your way of life.

11. By 2012 your dollar will be DEAD! It will take a wheelbarrow load of dollars to purchase a loaf of bread. The standard currency of the world is crude oil and soon the dollar is not going to be the reserve currency of the world anymore.

12. After two years a world war is planned and it will start in the Middle East. Gas prices will skyrocket once the war starts. $7, $8, $10, $12 dollar/gallon is probable. The elitists say the war will probably begin with Iran and it will start some time at the end of two years. Fall or winter of 2011? This is a planned world war. ("War is a racket. … It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives." ~Smedley Butler)

13. Religion won't be allowed in the US once the government takes over everything, including the churches. Think not? Research 501(c)3 churches and see if your church is already working for the government. The elitists are Satanists and religion/God is already being removed from our schools, our currency and our minds!

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hahahaha stop! stop! You're killing me! :D:cry: (<-tears of laughter)

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Excuse my ignorance but...

1. That's what every generation says. Founding fathers wouldn't recognize it 50 years after it started.
2. Most of us are that poor now.
3. Already happened. The IRS is the nations largest employer.
4. Maybe, but if we all take our money out, then what? This point also contradicts your later points.
5. As opposed to firefighters, police men, emts, social workers, and essentially everything else we need to live in a cohesive society.
6. Turn it off. It only works if it's on.
7.They always have, and they always will. There's a word for a government for the people. Communism.
8. They control everything, but had to alter their time line? Contradiction in logic there.
9. So all powerful only means all powerful if no one is paying attention? See previous comment.
10.If no one is taking money because it's use less, what good is gold and silver?
11. Oil and barrels ful of cash will be difficult to trade. Especially for bread.
12. There's a already a war in the middle east. Why start another? It seems that would only bring more attention to the covert operatives arranging all this.
13.Religion is an excellent method for control, why does the government want none of it? Communism said no religion in an attempt to liberate those who were dependant on it.

Sorry to be a buzz kill.
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