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Leeroy is a self a self admitted convicted pedophilia, and self admitted gang leader of junkies. That I heard him say personally.

So, someone gave a junkie, a cell phone for 15 minutes. Later on, close to end, using the cell phone.

I had my window wide open, and there was some wind last night. So, things that might sound a bit scary, to some people. Not going to spend hours listening to, and try to figure out, what’s being mumbled, or said, or chanted, and the wind.

Around 58 minutes and 5 second into recording is when I feel asleep for the first time that night. Was allowed to sleep. Being noisy enough to keep me awake till past 4am in the mourning.

This type of thing has been going on lots still. Nightly. Mostly don’t bother to turn on recorder. All Leeroy got to do when he leaves in the mourning, is goto another room, to sleep in. Sleeps sometimes like after 5pm for a few hours.

30000 a month drugs.WAV

So about 1 and ½ hours of sleep, all night long. Got to sleep later. Surprised.

They do things like this. It’s strange. Want you to know, how important they are. That when things, like acts of violence are done to you, that they are why. Want your money. Want you to start “respecting” then. You know, doing crimes for them. Buying over priced drugs off them. Act like you are one of there boot lickers. Grovel in terror, when they are angry. Etc. Want people to think you are crazy.

When you are not a gang member, you get victimized. That is what happens. Well I’m a human rights activist, people around here want me dead, discredited, destroyed. A slow and pain filled life of suffering and death.

Times are length from beginning of this recording. All this done outside my door in hallway at close to end. The comments and such being made later on anyway. Need to be turned up loud. They don’t want to be recorded. Some more than I have written out, gets said on recording. Lots more. More devil voice to.

58:05 Fell asleep for the first time tonight. Allowed to sleep. Me snoring.

1:21:15 One of the prostitutes calls out loudly. Chirps.

1:21:22 Devil Voice “oh my god George Collins” and then the same voice as later on in this recording that comes from Leyroys cell phone, when he is outside my door. “Reap the whirl wind”. Devil voice again “oh my god George Collins.”

1:21:38 Same voice as from cell phone speaker later in recording. Fast “you heard me”

1:21:51 Man screams fast “get out” Sounds like John Smokey.


1:35:24 Man says “get out” then “oh christ”

1:35:32 Man says “get out of here” then repeats.

1:35:42 man says “what are you?” then “get out”

1:36:05 Man screaming, but hard to here (gets louder), like he’s burning in hell or something. “ah…ah…ah…” fast. With thumping or something. Then sounds like more people are screaming. Then my snoring voice says “shut up”. Twice.

1:36:29 a somewhat drawn-out snoring “get out” Still hear the screaming in hell screaming a little.

1:36:38 banging noises to almost wake me up. And “fat fuck” said at same time in timing with banging.

1:36:50 Devil voice somewhat slow “oh… my… god…” repeats.


1:52:57 Snoring voice “dumb fuck” a few seconds earlier to same thing.

1:53:00 Chanting “fuck you” repeatedly.

1:53:32 Weird voice “abandon god” and then “oh my god” Hard to hear of course. Well devil voice.

1:54:00 Sounds like lots of people chanting. Hard to hear.


2:29:56 LeyRoy I guess says “open the door” while outside my door. Still sleeping. For sure Leeroy later. He in room next to me 203.

2:30:00 I know from listening to this recording, he has a cell phone with the volume turned up, and someone talking on it, that can be heard on cell phone. This person says while talking like a bird. Almost like whistling. Experts at this. “You fucking prick”.

2:30:06 Whistling bird talking person, on cell phone “no one wants you here, prick”. Actually no one wants convicted sex offenders around. That still hurt and harm and kill people. Well except government workers and such, with careers related to them, and the crimes they commit.

2:30:10 Leeroy says “nobody bumb fucker wants you here.”

2:30:14 voice on cell phone “careful, careful Leyroy nobody fucking bum fucks you. Hear me fuck”

2:30:28 Leyroy says fast “come on I’m already outside his door. I don’t give a fuck.”

2:30:35 Person on cell phone “careful Leyroy because he’s fucked… Careful Leyroy” One way they do implied death threats.

2:30:30 Leyroy says “I know that.”

2:30:37 Person voice from cell phone “careful Leyroy he’s tricky.”

2:30:39 Leyroy says “I know that Floyd” or “I know that Roy” “Why don’t you use Drowns number from here on now?” I think Floyd is a big huge street thug here. He was the one with came up with the idea of using a young cousin or something, to sell drugs in schools here, while fentanyl was going around killing people as reported locally. Because it was in the drugs here locally. Maybe instead, someone staying here also. Floyd. More likely maybe.

2:30:54 Leyrol says “I’m trying to figure everything out of here.” Some angry mad sounding snoring from me it sounds like. Snarling. All they got to do is have someone else. Like in the other room beside me, play a recording they made, of fake snoring, a junkies does, and mad sounding and louder, then my snoring, and in timing with my snoring. I have a previous recording uploaded here, of them making the devil voice sounds, and stuff, and with my snoring to, or between my snores, the devil noises, etc. Something a little new. Experts. Started weird snoring before this time and recorded. I guess we all have a little devil in us. Some more than others.

2:30:55 Leyroy says fast “I don’t want you here I don’t want you here fatty.”

2:31:04 Leyroy says “we’re gone we’re gone, get the fuck out of here. I say. Is that a fact? Fuck you. More I can not make out.

2:31:25 So I say “a bunch of cock sucking pricks” Woken up now for sure. Never heard rest above, until I listened to recording.

2:31:25 voice on cell phone “now we know he’s up Leeroy”

2:31:27 Leeroy says “you suck my cock”

2:31:31 I say “fucking pedophilia piece of shit”

2:31:34 Leeroy does a fake couch and says at the same time “cock sucker” and right after the voice on the phone says “is that enough?” Then Leeroy says “I don’t know” The voice on the phone says “whose the mothafuck going to tell, T.K.O.” Leeroy “but he’s fat a good weight”

2:31:50 Leeroy says “if only he made, only he make 30 thousand dollars a year” Then “30 thousand a month”

2:31:58 man on cell phone “you’re fucking right Leeroy. Leeroy starts talking I can’t make it out what’s he’s saying.

2:32:09 I say “as long as they got a junkie friend they can fantasize.”

2:32:13 Leeroy says “masturbator masturbator” then a few more times.

2:32:35 Devil voice slowish “oh… my… god…”

2:32:36 Devil voice “you do not want me come for you” repeats.

I talk some things later. Talking about. how they may have someone pretending to be a millionaire show up here, and I start laughing. Should be super comical. Will try to record that if I can.

2:41:45 same time. July 15 730am 2021. 6 or 7 minutes left in recording and I go to www.msn,com/en-ca and read off some headlines there.

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I am using the free VLC media player software to listen to recording. Official download of VLC media player, the best Open Source player - VideoLAN
You also may need a decent codex bundle. Lots of good free ones. It stands for Coder/Decoder (codex). It lets you code and decode audio and video files. Decode, to listen and watch them.

I will convert the file to mp3 also, and put a link in here below. VLC media player, also lets you do that to audio and video files.
need a few minutes

Converted recording to mps file, is much larger like 157 megs. Regardless you should download to your desktop and listen to from there.

The first seconds of each file you should be able to here me move around. Needs to be loud.
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