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    I don't know if it's been mentioned as I know most people on here don't watch much of the boob tube, but the Discovery channel has a show called The Colony. It's inspired my wife and I on some new projects and ideas I either hadn't considered or hadn't thought that we could do at least.

    The idea for the show is they take a group of "normal" people and drop them off in a post apocalyptic scenario and see if they can survive. The first season has 10 people surviving for 70 days in an abandoned factory in L.A. The second season has 7 people surviving for 50 days in a 10 acre residential block in hurricane stricken Louisiana after a biological outbreak. All throughout the show they are attacked and challenged in every way possible, i.e. marauders, beggars, the elements, etc. and for the most part with the kid gloves off.

    Anyway, great show. Definitely worth checking out if you get a chance.
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    Great show. I want a giant fresnel lens (season 2) and one engineering professor (season 1). KTHX!!

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    I like the show but I'd hardly consider the members "normal." All have been chosen with backgrounds to enhance the group's chances of survival.

    It has lots of good ideas and is worth watching.
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    Heh... they should have come to this forum to look for recruits! :D
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    Maybe have their team against out team. We get to choose the ten best here against their ten best? Now that would be fun!
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    I thought that was a little unfair too. I mean in season one they actually had a rocket scientist. Season 2 is a little more realistic, they've got a couple nearly useless people (model) and a few more handy types but no genius level folks certainly.

    To be fair to the show's creators though, if I were forming a survival group I would be hand-picking 'em for their specialties and knowledge too.
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    Makes ya think, don't it...?

    What's the very first qualities you would look for in these persons for a group?

    My pick would be 1. loyalty, then 2. stability, then 3. perseverance.

    (Under the heading of Agendas and Ulterior Motives): -Is the media gearing us up for something? [​IMG]
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    I think my rankings would go something like 1: Honesty 2: Survival Mentality 3: What skill set they bring to the table ... after that I don't really know.

    As for whether or not the media is gearing us up for something, I'd say at the very least there are quite a few producers or whoever comes up with ideas for shows that are at least closet preppers. At most they may have some major inside info. There are too many shows like this recently for it to just be a coincidence. It really is like they know that the average person watches a lot of tv and couldn't be bothered to read a book so they want to basically put out a video survival guide so maybe if someone is paying attention they'll learn something. Or something like that. Hope this makes sense as I'm running on fumes.
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    They have .... :gaah:
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    I've noticed a lot of speculation of what would "You" look for in people to join your group? In each of these it's assuming "You" are the one in charge and bringing in people with skills to help.

    Perhaps those people with skills already have a group. Then it might be "You" who is being evaluated to join their group... How are your skills?

    The exercise of what skills would you look for is good, but should be used as a starting point for yourself to see where you are deficient and then starting learning those areas. Most would be looking for a doctor or EMT. Well, go take the classes and get yourself certified. Sure, doctor might be a stretch but basic and advanced first aid isn't and EMT isn't out of reach if you're willing to invest a bit of time and money.
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    It would be more believable if they put real folks in there, like say,, part of a neighborhood that survived. But these tv folks handpicked folks that would know how to make almost everything-I mean come on folks, where you gonna find a group of folks who just happened to have rocket scientists and a nurse and Mechanical Engineer” and Computer Engineer and of course the Doctor and Solar Technology Tech etc... I got these titles from the blog page.
    Where are the old folks who need constant care, or the children or the whiny folks who think everything should be handed to them on a silver platter?
    When they came here looking to find volunteers they even said that they were not looking for the average housewife and that she need not apply..:rolleyes: I'd bet that most of the housewives on here would have been much better pick than the "model" that they picked for the second colony. At least we probably would have known which wild plants were edible and how to not only gather them but cook them and preserve them!
    I probably won't bother to watch another one if they make one.
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    I watched the first 2 episodes of the show when it first started.
    Couldn't stand watching after that.
    They have experts off camera advising the actors and everything is prearranged for the actors.
    Completely unrealistic. Just another reality show that is not real.
    Without firearms every one of those people would be victims and not survivors.
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    I am actually looking for people WTSHTF.
    I've got a pretty big spread here, and 2-3 needy families with smaller children seeking to hold together for survival and safety would be welcome. But as you can see from my criteria, skillsets are secondary to a prerequisite of loyalty, stability and perseverance, (and other good virtues and values) as I've been a survival teacher for 40 years, I and my wife would be teaching the "skills".

    I taught wilderness survival at Outward Bound and Vison Quest 40 years ago. But forget any long-term existence "living off the land". -I could still do it when I moved to the Maine woods 35 years ago, but those times are long gone, especially with all the extra population and competiton for food in the woods WTSHTF. All these people on survival forums who think they are going to flip some sort of invisible switch on in their heads and go hunt and fish and live like "Little house on the prairie" are totally nuts! The only thing to glean from my OB & VQ survival teaching experience back then is the survival mentality which does not change, just applied differently.

    I also spent some time in an Israeli Kibbutz with a hoe in one hand and an Uzi in the other, so that shaped my mentality too. Loyalty, stability and perseverance were #1 there... mutual defense, level headedness, and damn hard work were the order of each day. This homestead is no different.

    What we would have to offer in experience when that SHTF time comes is:
    40 years homesteading background, small scale subsistance and commercial organic agriculture. This not only includes vegetable production, but also legumes and grains by hand.
    Canning, large scale dehyration, freezing and long-term storage of food.
    Numerous security and defensive tactics, we both are expert level NRA, I grew up in a gunshop..
    I'm an EMT-II (with wilderness endorsement) and CNA... She's a dental tech... took the training long ago.
    My friends and family say I'm another McGuyver(? dunno - I haven't had a TV of 40 years!) - I've always fixed all my own cars, trucks and tractors, diesel and gas. Right now I have 4 VW Diesel pickups 50+mpg (some on veggie oil) and 3 diesel tractors, 3 diesel generators... we used to live off grid, and could easily pull the plug tomorrow if we wanted to.
    We built the house ourself without a mortgage from materials out of our own forest. It costs about 10 cents a day to heat in winter.
    I'm an engineer, collect recylable materials and design and weld together most of the things we need here.

    All in all, I'd say at this point we are 85% self-sufficient, but could kick that up to 95% without a problem. Canola fields and an oil press would be all we'd need to produce biodiesel. There's the 10% difference!

    - BC.USA (no braggin, just facts)...

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    It would be great to get someone from the show to do a Q and A here.
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    I just got through watching the first season on Netflix. I really enjoyed watching them make gadgets however it was so far from a realistic scenario and I felt like it was an insult to the viewers intelligence. First, they put together a nearly perfect group of people with all the knowledge to build these fascinating things along with a wide array of tools. Second, I expected more of an internal power struggle. I also think their fear and stress level was not nearly that of a real situation. They knew they were on TV and likely not to be beat, raped or shot. Some points were almost laughable. They seemed more preoccupied with a shower being built that sustainable food or security. The show felt more like How's it made while camping in a dirty warehouse. I ended up watching it all because of the gadgets being made.
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    read the fine-print disclaimers about off-screen experts designing/building the 'gadgets' and giving 'advice' thoughout the poduction, not just as a preparatory step... :rolleyes:
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    I'm late to this thread - we don't have cable/dish, etc... and I've never heard of the show, so....

    Through Netflix, we've just watched the first 3 episodes, and I can say it did clear up a few things for me. I've heard of a gasifier, seen one in video, but didn't understand HOW to make one work. That could be useful, and now I wanna experiment. 3 Engineers in a group of 10 seems unrealistic to me, among other things, but I'm thinking I could still probably learn a thing or two.
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    I took it as a work of fiction, they had a lot of great ideas, but honestly how did so many people even know what a wood gasifier was?

    Also using O3 to treat water. Building a Tesla coil? Didn't seem at all like something I could or would do.