The Alternative Market Project..finally

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    Neithercorp Press: The Alternative Market Project – A Sneak Preview | T-Room

    .....The new website will be focused completely on promoting self generating barter and trade systems across the country.
    Our goal is not to control or to dictate to alternative markets.
    In fact, our goal is to make certain that no one organization or entity EVER centralizes these community based networks. Our single purpose is to help as best we can each community to grow to its full potential.:congrat:
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    While I definitely think such things are a great idea, (as far as bartering, early american skills, metal backed currencies or metals as trade and similar things) though it will most probably fail and fail hard. For a few reasons the masses are a**es and this well would require support from a large number of people to be truly viable. Similar projects have been tried before and have failed miserably. Also most people just dont and wont believe these things are a necessity which goes back to the first point, the masses are a**es.

    I'm not holding my breath but it is a good idea overall. Although I dislike the centralization of anything.