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  1. 41south

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    My thanks to all of you on this forum, it's a great place to exchange ideas, invention, information and the occasional disagreements. Nothing wrong with disagreeing, just not being disagreeable with each other. From each disagreement comes at least two different ideas or perspectives.

    As we see things that may vastly affect our lives, changing so rapidly in other areas of the world, may we all work together to exchange ideas, knowledge and promote the abilities we have to each other and others at home.

    It is my true hope, that we can do so without being viewed as wild eyed, camo wearing, survival whackos or racist militia nutjobs. I don't fit in those categories and I have no tolerance for folks that do.

    I feel the time is close for us to look up, not ahead.

    My sincere thanks to you all.
  2. AnimalcrackerHerder

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    First of all, Your welcome. Second, that was very well said, 41.

  3. UncleJoe

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    Thanks for your support. We're all in this together... sorta. :)
  4. Magus

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    Howdy 41 south,the road you took your name from runs right by my house.LOL
  5. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    Well stated.
  6. ajsmith

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    Here here, well said !!!!:beercheer:
  7. gypsysue

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    Nicely put! :congrat:

    You're welcome, and I add to his thanks. I've learned so much here and enjoyed the friendship of all of you.

    I have a feeling the time is close when we'll be putting what we've learned into use.:ignore:
  8. goshengirl

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    And I totally agree. This site has been like a life-line for me in the past month, as I am otherwise on my own in prepping. Just finding like-minded people saves my sanity. And I am grateful for all the information! :congrat:
  9. Salekdarling

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    Completely agree! Nothing is better than having like minded people to keep you from getting too overwhelmed in your preps. All I have to do is take a breather and come read a post or two and I feel better with that anxiety. Thanks friends!:wave:
  10. Clarice

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    Thanks 41. It is true most people's view of people like us has been slanted toward the bad. If you were to meet me on the street, you would never guess this white haired lady is a prepper. Most people I work with find it hard to believe I even own a pair of jeans. What would they say if they knew of all our preps, the fact that I can shoot a weapon acurately, hunt, skin and prepare game, start a fire 5 different ways, garden and can all we produce, and the list goes on and on. If we all stick together we will come out on top in the end. Just wish I could get more family and friends onboard.