Thank you going out to ALL our Veterans!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by semperscott, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. semperscott

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    Just wanted to say "THANK YOU" and "WELCOME HOME" to each and every Veteran here on the forum!
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    Yes! Good Job and welcome Home!:2thumb::beercheer::wave:

  3. townparkradio

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    I'm glad this forum is a friendly place for vets, frankly. The other forums I've frequented have been full of.. well.. pansies criticizing the men and women who gave of their time (and in the case of war vets, a LOT more than just their time) to protect their fellow man.

    I could not keep my mouth shut, I had to open up and slam one of them:

    Warning: do NOT go here if you aren't prepared for vulgar language, some from me. This place is a free for all, and it shows. My standards of behavior are different than this place. You people show a bit more respect and deserve it. These people? I gave them respect (as I always do by default) years ago but they proved to me they're not worth it.

    Thank a Vet? | Drudge Retort

    I could only deal with so much of that crap before it boils over. Not sure WHY I keep going to a liberal democrat sight who's very name is riding off of the tiny fame of Matt Drudge (not related in any way except said stolen name)
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  4. NaeKid

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    Yesterday was RememberanceDay here in Canada. I took my grandson to the celebration at the "Museum of the Regiments", over 12,000 people were there with me, and, according to the papers, there were several other places around the city with similar celebrations (unsure on the count at the other ones).

    I felt it was a nice little turn-out of people willing to brave the sub-freezing temperatures on a day with blue-sky and little wind.