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  1. Cahri

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    We are two educated baby boomers realizing that we are not our parents and we will see what we believed at one time would never happen. Our kids are all undereducated and live in lala land. We are ready for what is coming, and coming very soon. We have had a small domicile for last two years in urban area of the big city. We built six foot fence around our 1/4 acre, have chickens and organic gardens with fruit, veggies, edible flowers and herbs. We have rain barrels, solar lights generator for emergencies, bbqs, smokers, tons of firewood, well stocked larder complete with emergency medical supplies, hand cranked water purifier, cb/ham radio etc and we believe we are ready and will not need to run
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    Wow! Sounds like you've really got your act together! Glad to have you on the boards! :wave:

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    Man ... there are sure a lot of "you guys down there" joining up!! ;) Glad to have you!! Enjoy the board ... it is great here! :wave:
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    Welcome:welcome: Cahri from a long time preparer. Look forward to your replies and posts.
  5. Cahri

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    Thanks, will help if possible. We haven't said anything to anyone since we started preparing, our kids already think we are nutcases LOL. Just wait till SHTF and they come running to us with their families. Oh and BTW gas is 3.09 today, 10 cents more than yesterday......make sure you reduce toilet paper use by at least one square a day
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    Welcome to the forum:wave:
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    :congrat: on your preps and :welcome: to the board... that being said...

    ... your intro statement left out a VERY important item (being in "the big city" it is more than likely very regulated) without which all those very nice preps you have make you ONE thing: a TARGET!... for somebody, anybody, with the one thing you haven't mentioned, a GUN!

    I don't know you or your situation, but 1/4 acre doesn't seem to go far amongst 4 (or more?) people (I'm under the assumption that you won't be turning your kids away), and that above was meant as an honest critique; so if you DO have firearms, feel free to keep quiet about them ;)
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    Our kids are welcome here anytime and we have always provided for them and we have enough to take care of them and our grandkids. They are on their own and they would come here if they had any probs. We may live in the 'city' but not what you see it's rural on our short street (dead end street). We know our dozen neighbours and there is nowhere to go from here, we can always block off our street , we all have property and means
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    Welcome Aboard!, my family thinks I'm a nut case:nuts: too, but they always seem to come to me with questions.:scratch
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    Hello Cahri and welcome. I am like you when it comes to my children and grands, that is why I prep for them. It sounds like you are off to a great start. You took another smart step by joining us here as the information is awesome. I am a long time prepper, 60 miles southeast of Dallas. I hope to get to know you through your posts here. :2thumb:
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    Hi Cahri. Welcome!!
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    :welcome: to the forums!