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Discussion in 'South Central USA' started by PastorJavier001, Mar 21, 2015.

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    Thank all for your inputs. It's been a while. I'm still in Hawaii, the job ( JROTC) has me here for one more year because of the contract. I'll probably send the wife ahead to secure a job and housing soon. We have settled for New Braunsfels as our next home. I'm planning on getting some land about 2 hours away for a bug out location, and prepping heaven. As always I welcome suggestions and ideas. I hope to see you all soon. I really don't want to be in this rock when TSHTF...
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    I think you'll love New Braunsfels! Good luck with with the move!
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  3. RevWC

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    Wise choice! Good luck with all!
  4. Marcus

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    East of NB is more farming and wetter but also more people compared to going West. It depends on your goals, but I wouldn't go much past the Hill Country if you go west. It gets real dry real quick.
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    I wonder how long it's going to take for that section of the I35 corridor to be renamed Newausantonio (new aus antonio). I couldn't figure out any naming convention to keep the towns in order so I went with the most simple.
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    NB is nice I’m looking at the Bourne area between 10 and 35. Any thoughts anyone?
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    Never been to Texas, but welcome to the forum. Stop over to introductions and say hello. :)
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    Not sure how accurate this is but here is a chart.

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    I lived in Gonzales, went to high school there. I loved it and get so home sick for it sometimes. Its a farming area and the land we had had 2 springs and was along the Guadeloupe river. My foster parents still have the property there. I can't move back because my allergies and asthma are worse but I still looked when we were looking for a place to retire to and prices are way up now.