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    Are there any home remedies for tetanus, if you get it doesn't it kill you eventually? Wouldn't this be really important if you were off-grid and had no hospital or in an emergency without a hospital?
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    As a nurse, I will say that I have never hear of a home remedy for tetanus. I have heard it can be a horribly painful disease, causing the muscles to spasm, hence the name Lockjaw. But a tetanus booster shot is good for at least 10 yrs, so I would go get one now if it has been a while. Then you don't have to worry for a while.

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    Good question. Although, I'm almost positive that there can't be a home remedy for tetanus.
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    Nope there are not any home remedies. Either get the vaccine to help prevent it or go to the DR. Remember that Tetanus doesn't develop Immediately, you have a few days after a wound to get to a Dr for treatment.

    My mom managed to save a horse from tetanus way back in the early 50's before vaccinations were widely available. And horses are more suceptible to tetanus then even humans.

    seems to me that it gettting vaccinated for diseases that could kill you ( ie tetanus and rabies) is far better then waiting until something happens and then have to worry about getting treated for it.

    I have routine vaccinations for Tetanus and Rabies. I'd rather prevent then risk dying.
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    Are tetanus vaccines commercial available for storage or something you can only get at a doctor? It would probably be important to have some if you were unable to access medical attention at a homestead.
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    Me too......Isn't that the whole reason we are here anyways?