Ten Tips for Survival and Longevity

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    I'll admit it. I get grossed out when ever I see one of those survival dudes on TV getting drinking water from animal dung. As an urban and urbane dude, I really don't see squeezing water from dung in the Kilimanjaro... :eek:

    However, I do think there are many practical day-to-day habits and preparations that can increase longevity and avoid or survive small and large disasters.
    1. Buy a bigger, safer, car.
    2. Maintain your car well so that you don't break down and can evacuate.
    3. Stay off of roads and away from bars late at night.
    4. Change the batteries in your smoke detector.
    5. Burglar Proof your Home.

    Here is my complete list of ten super-simple little things that people can do -
    Ten Practical Survival Tips
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    OK, I'll play.

    Having a bigger, safer car matters in some situations, not in others.

    Does it make more sense to spend your disposable income on a bigger, "safer" car, or does it make more sense to begin to lay in food supplies if you don't already have them?

    I have no plans to go anywhere--don't know why I'd need a big honkin' vehicle to take me there. I have a couple vehicles I think would suffice, but if mountain climbing by car is required, well, no way. Same thing with fording the Mississippi River. No way.

    Everybody's situation is different. I built my house on high ground, so I have no concern about flooding. If there's a tornado that wipes me out, it's wiping out that car, too. And my supplies, except those presumably safe in the basement.

    Big car? For me, water, food, equipment, generator, gas storage--these are much more important, again, in my situation.

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    Excellent points. In all actuality the biggest emergency we are likely to face is of the more mundane variety. It would be a real shame to spend one's life preparing to die of something easily preventable.

    I might add - don't drink very much unless you are home, stay away from big cities and dark isolated places.

    Essentially live everyday life with situational awareness and caution because a personal SHTF scenario could occur for any number of reasons.