tell me if this rings close to the truth

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  1. wolfwhisper

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    How sad . . .

    Remember when Ronald Reagan was president?

    At that time, we also had Bob Hope and Johnny Cash . . .

    Now, we have Obama - and no Hope - and no Cash. :cry:
  2. Bigdog57

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    And when the obama tax increases kick in we won't even have the CHANGE in our pockets or the HOPE of anything better........ :(

  3. Freyadog

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    Amen to that. We have goats, chickens, rabbits, cats, guineas and a Rotty pup. Getting difficult to make ends meet now. Have 3 of the goats leaving on Monday so we will be down to 9. 1 buck, 1 wether, 1 older doe as a pet now, and 5 to breed in the fall. 1 doe we have not been able to breed yet so after this fall will find her a pet home if still not bred. Oh and Fussy our duck who thinks he is a chicken.

    Gonna make cheese to barter with friends this winter, eggs are bartered, rabbits for sausage this winter. If its not coming off this land it wont be had. Taxes, insurances, gas etc. is so high that an honest man struggles. My dh and I are planning for a NO-SPEND winter, except for feed for the animals.

    a friend of ours cut a field specifically for us at 50 cents a square bale so that we would be able to winter our animals. A truly great friend.

    winter wood is being cut. the only luxury we have is cable, beings that we are very rural here in sw. Va. and no tv reception and almost no radio. Our house also sits down in a small hollow which doesnt help matters for reception.

    Yep in order to be able to pay everything that is getting ready to hit us it will be a NO-SPEND winter.
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  4. HarleyRider

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    Haven't really noticed much what is going on, because I don't even have enough money to pay attention. :rolleyes:
  5. wolfwhisper

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    it is so sad , that the working man/women can't get the breaks that they have worked so hard with Obama there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel now.All we can hope for now, is to prep and try to be ready the best we can ,and to find fellow preppers in one' s area to set up a barter system to pull from to make ends meet and friendships to depend when SHTF.:gaah:
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  6. Todays Survival Show

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    I'm a afraid we are on a course to a point of no return. The damage has been done. Even with a complete takeover in Congress by Conservatives, they won't be able to slow the train down enough. It's time to tighten up and keep spreading the prepping word. I'm trying to resist the extreme point of view, but the $Trillions of dollars spent with no way to pay for them is quite extreme too. Fasten your seatbelts.