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Tow a load? check
Hitch and unhitch? check
Back up the in progress
Use a chainsaw? check
split wood? check
build the hearth and install the stove? check and double check
build a chicken house, barn style shed including trusses? check, check, and triple check
buck bales? check
rototill? check
build raised beds? check
muck out deep bedding packs? check
grow the garden? check
harvest and preserve that garden? check
sew? hate to, but check
crochet simple hats, scarves and slippers? check, check and check again
milk the goats? check
ride the horse? check
keep the wood stove stoked? check
cook on said wood stove? check
haul water and filter it? check, check
shoot a predator? check
handle a revolver, pistol, rifle? check, check, check
defend my family? big check
bind wounds, start IVs and do CPR? BTDT, too, so triple check (RN - I cheated on that one)

Do I pass? ;)
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