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    I can be a male chauvenist pig !!!!
    Loading trailer I DO weight dissplacement . Starpping down , hooking up trailer. Drive with trailer hooked up me backing up trailer me.

    Now take this to any other area that may require survival ? Starting a fire hunting shooting fishing gutting an animal , creating safe water, Cooking sewing , ETC ( yes I sew :sssh: wife refuses to )
    Who else in family or group can do these thing if something was to happen to u????

    Food for thought
  2. lotsoflead

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    better get your wife on board and teach her how to sew.

  3. Clarice

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    We are blessed, as we both can do all the things you described. True my SO is better at some than I. But then I am better at some than he. I fall short in accurate shooting so I use a shotgun, I am not good at backing a trailer, but I will eventually get it done. My hubby is not comfortable with sewing but he can do it. We both are good cooks and gardeners.
  4. ZoomZoom

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    Our family has so far been following more traditional responsibilities.

    Mrs. Zoom and my daughter are the primaries for cooking, sewing and similar. This is their choice.

    My 9-year-old son is my protege (or as I call him, my "Mini-me"). Yesterday was a somewhat normal day. While I did some of my chores where he couldn't participate (e.g. running the rototiller behind the tractor), he:
    Used his real, 18" machete and cleared some overgrowth.
    Practiced his archery.
    Went hunting in the woods for small game.

    Later, we processed firewood together. He drove the RTV with firewood laden trailer in tow to the wood shed and we split/stacked it together.

    Gardening, canning and such we do as a family.
  5. ditzyjan56

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    What can we do

    My family is all a bunch of rednecks and down home boys and girls. We all hunt and take care of our weapons,( me, my son, daughter, and daughter in law) 13 yo granddaughter can hunt but doesn't have the skinning and gutting parts down pat. We all live on a farm so a truck and trailer are everyday things to do.

    2 years ago I dated a fellow who did scrapping for a living and learned how use a torch and a welder. Have the torching equipment and tanks but no welder. Also learned how to drive a truck that picks up cars and learned how to tie them down and tow them off. He was leary at first to teach me and let me try it but he finally came around, While the friendship didn't last it was a good experience

    My son loves to cook and can sew not very straight but it works. Trying to get the 13 yo into cooking without a prepackaged meal in her hands. So far her idea of a meal is a toaster strudel for breakfast and hot pocket for lunch.
  6. BuggingIn

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    Tow a load? check
    Hitch and unhitch? check
    Back up the trailer...work in progress
    Use a chainsaw? check
    split wood? check
    build the hearth and install the stove? check and double check
    build a chicken house, barn style shed including trusses? check, check, and triple check
    buck bales? check
    rototill? check
    build raised beds? check
    muck out deep bedding packs? check
    grow the garden? check
    harvest and preserve that garden? check
    sew? hate to, but check
    crochet simple hats, scarves and slippers? check, check and check again
    milk the goats? check
    ride the horse? check
    keep the wood stove stoked? check
    cook on said wood stove? check
    haul water and filter it? check, check
    shoot a predator? check
    handle a revolver, pistol, rifle? check, check, check
    defend my family? big check
    bind wounds, start IVs and do CPR? BTDT, too, so triple check (RN - I cheated on that one)

    Do I pass? ;)
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