Tamil migrants or Tamil terrorists?

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    I am following a story in the local newspaper about Tamils that have "fled" SriLanka and are looking to live in Canada.

    Story here: Tamil migrant ship linked to terror group | Canada | News | Calgary Sun

    Ok - so we have these people paying $50,000 to travel on a container ship with no sun light, no fresh food, but with expanded proper fecal-matter disposal for ~3 months - that is ~90 days - and they want us to allow them into our country.

    Que-jumpers - that is all they are.

    If the same thing happened with "migrants" from any other country that is known for having terrorists, and the people on the boat are part of the "known racial group that supports the terrorists" (lets use Iran or Iraq or Afganistan or .... Taliban) - should we let them into our country or should we send a torpedo into the middle of the ship and let god sort out the mess?

    Personally - I feel that we should put the "Tamil Migrants" back onto the ship and send them away from Canada with fresh water ONLY and if we see them again near our country - send that torpedo, followed by a nice little "double-tap" to make sure that the job is done right.
  2. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    Continue the rant ...

    Today's editorial comment is a bit of a wake-up call ..

    No 'migrants' on the Sun Sea | Editorial | Comment | Calgary Sun

    and, just in case it disappears due to "politcal correctness" ..


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    Well, I feel bad for Canada. I agree, give them fresh water and send them back out to sea. They should all go home and make their own country livable. The answer isn't to come to Canada (or the US) and start their own mini-country in a "safer" place.