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I am following a story in the local newspaper about Tamils that have "fled" SriLanka and are looking to live in Canada.

Story here: Tamil migrant ship linked to terror group | Canada | News | Calgary Sun said:
WINNIPEG - Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said Monday he fears the 492 Tamil refugees who arrived by ship on the west coast Friday morning might have paid as much as $50,000 each to be transported to Canada - money he fears could be put toward funding a terrorist group.

Toews, who was in Winnipeg on Monday, said initial investigations of the MV Sun Sea vessel have uncovered links between some organizers of the voyage and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

The LTTE are also known as the Tamil Tigers, who were involved in a long and bloody civil war in Sri Lanka until their defeat by government forces there last year.

The LTTE is classified by the Canadian government as a terrorist organization.

"The intelligence I've been provided with indicates there is a connection (with) the LTTE and the Tamil Tigers, but I'm not going to go any further than that," Toews said. "What we can say is that there appears to be a substantive connection with a criminal organization that has brought this ship to our shores."

The ship has been docked since Friday off a military jetty in Esquimalt, B.C., while the smuggled passengers and the entire crew have been going through medical and identification checks.

Toews said Canada Border Service Agency officials are working to process the migrants to determine the legitimacy of refugee claims and to identify any connections to terrorist or criminal groups.

Toews said the ship had clearly been designed to carry the large number of passengers possible and to maximize profit.

He noted that the sanitation system was far bigger than would be expected on a ship of its type and size.

"It's certainly indicative of the fact this was a very profitable undertaking, even if the boat is eventually seized," Toews said. "This could afford a criminal organization with a lot of money. Whether or not individuals on the ship are actually part of the criminal organization, certainly the amount of money paid goes to finance a criminal organization."

Toews said the federal government will look at changing laws to better hold owners of ships responsible for human smuggling, but said bringing the crew up on criminal charges is not a straightforward process in this case.

"That's a difficult thing to do in these kinds of situations where it's sometimes difficult to identify, once you board, who the captain or the crew is," Toews said.
Ok - so we have these people paying $50,000 to travel on a container ship with no sun light, no fresh food, but with expanded proper fecal-matter disposal for ~3 months - that is ~90 days - and they want us to allow them into our country.

Que-jumpers - that is all they are.

If the same thing happened with "migrants" from any other country that is known for having terrorists, and the people on the boat are part of the "known racial group that supports the terrorists" (lets use Iran or Iraq or Afganistan or .... Taliban) - should we let them into our country or should we send a torpedo into the middle of the ship and let god sort out the mess?

Personally - I feel that we should put the "Tamil Migrants" back onto the ship and send them away from Canada with fresh water ONLY and if we see them again near our country - send that torpedo, followed by a nice little "double-tap" to make sure that the job is done right.

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Continue the rant ...

Today's editorial comment is a bit of a wake-up call ..

No 'migrants' on the Sun Sea | Editorial | Comment | Calgary Sun

and, just in case it disappears due to "politcal correctness" ..

Editor said:
First of all, let's drop the "migrant" bunkum. It's meaningless left-wing political claptrap.

Call the 490 Tamil "migrants," now being processed in British Columbia because of our over-accommodating and therefore outdated refugee policies, something more reflective of what they truly are.

Like queue-jumpers, scam artists, back-door home invaders, plus a terrorist or two.

Truth is, none is even a bona fide refugee, not when many of Sri Lanka's Tamil minority -- especially the 300,000 ex-pats now residing here, primarily in Toronto -- are financially or vocally supporting the Tamil Tigers, a blood-hungry terrorist organization condemned by 32 countries, including ours.

It was the Tamil Tigers, after all, who pioneered the despicable act of suicide bombings, and who are suspected in the assassination of Sri Lanka's president as well as former Indian president Rajiv Gandhi.

Only a fool would therefore believe no Tamil Tigers are hiding among the women and children aboard that ship now docked in CFB Esquimalt, and that they are not bent on forming a government-in-exile in our country should they go undetected.

After all, some $12 million has been raised by the Tamil diaspora living in Canada, and $300 million worldwide, to fund the Tamil Tigers' civil war back in Sri Lanka before it was finally defeated in 2009.

And it was this diaspora which also put up a goodly portion of the estimated $10 million it took to pay the smugglers who brought them here.

The goal, undoubtedly, is to keep the Tamil Tiger movement alive -- and do it on our soil.

If the MV Sun Sea were carrying 500 "migrants" from Afghanistan, home base for the Taliban and al-Qaeda, would we be allowing it to enter Canadian waters, or would we put firing a shot over the bow with a message that the next would be midships?

Lock and load would be our approach.

And this case is no exception.

The bombing of Air India Flight 182 some 25 years ago -- the worst act of terrorism committed on Canadian soil -- is a prime example how old-country feuds can nurture themselves to the point of explosion in our welcoming Canadian climate.

There can be no "next" MV Sun Sea.

From any country.

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Well, I feel bad for Canada. I agree, give them fresh water and send them back out to sea. They should all go home and make their own country livable. The answer isn't to come to Canada (or the US) and start their own mini-country in a "safer" place.
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