Talking About SURVIVING?

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    Sometimes I go to see if things have improved for those who are really in the survival mode.
    Its depressing and frustrating but now and then I visit to see if things are better.
    We live in a nation that sends its young to illegal wars to die because we don't pay attention to much other than sports and other entertainment or our daily wants and needs.
    The soldiers were decieved like the rest of us,many are young and naive so we can't blame them.
    They ask for things like wipes and food. Socks so they don't get foot desease from wading through feces and worse water.Women ask for tampons and wipes.
    Even worse they ask for gun cleaning fluid that is also not available to them.Glasses that protect their eyes from blindness,gatoraide to fight heat stroke.

    Go read what they do without while we blow up then rebuild nations.Yes I'm against the war and for our troops,you can be both.Bring em home.
    Don't forget if you voted[as we did]your the reason they are there,so do what you can.
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    Meerkat Seeking The Truth

    I can tell you the facts are that women in that hot desert without sanitary conditions and no tampons to boot would be a bad thing for her and those around her.Bathing is not a everyday thing.Baby wipes are the most requested item.

    Today they wrote letters back to the ones wh sent the care packs,many with pictures.

    All are not all up in the mountains but you can scroll and find the ones who are.One I read about is Recon sleeping in open with his dog.He ask for dog food and soups.

    I still have the letter of a heli pilot who was likely in the crash of 17 when the 2 helis crashed into each other.He was in Mosul.His name was Chuck.We sent him and his men jerky,wipes,candy,magazines chapstick,and wrapped candy and stuffed animals [ Chuck requested,to win hearts of kids] to throw out of helicopter when the flew over the kids.He was to send us pictures next,but never heard ffrom him or his crew again.
    I got his address and request from
    My son was there too he's out now and ok.He said the packages were very important to them.
    Anyday could be their last or their last day not injured.