Taking your mind off things WSHTF

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by HardenedPrepper, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. HardenedPrepper

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    I know if something happens our minds will be focused all over the place, but when and if it would slow down to relax abit, just wondering if anybody packed or prepped any musical instruments or has any hobbies to keep their minds off things for WSHTF. We have some acoustical guitars, some drums Djembes and I have a Boogaraboo, then for hobbies we have been taking Eskrima for the last 7 yrs, so we can play with sticks and knives, it's fun and very good skill to have for CQB
  2. UncleJoe

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    I have 13 guitars. Yeah, I got carried away some years back. :rolleyes: Two of them have electric capabilities but can also be use without it . We also have a large selection of board games and playing cards. As another hobby I enjoy astronomy. I have a 140mm telescope (Thanks to DW) and a lot of star charts.

    That picture to the left was taken with my scope during the Feb. 09 eclipse.

  3. Sonnyjim

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    I have actually thought about this a number of times so good topic. All of those things that I do for fun/prepping would be necessities and I obviously wouldn't be doing those for fun anymore(ie. hunting,fishing, foraging, building). Definitely homemade music would be a comfort, but one BIG thing that kids these days just don't do anymore.......BOARD GAMES!!!!

    People these days are allllll about the video games, and don't get me wrong I love a few video games now and then as I am part of that generation, but how many kids these days have a good board game collection?? Well that's something that a buddy and I thought about and have been working on. You don't need electricity for board games, just a bit of down time. And the best part is that some of the strategy games can take up to 3 or 4 days to play so you can leave it and come back whenever you need to but it's like an ongoing story.

    We would play board games in Afghanistan, infact we were mortared in the middle of a game of Axis and Allies Europe. When we came back from what needed to be done we ofcourse had to keep our kit on to play for the next while but it was still there ready to be played as we left it.
  4. SaskBound

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    We are big fans of board games, here, and actually play them now. We also keep dice and decks of cards around, as well as rule books for card games and such. We have a collection of musical instruments, though we do not play them very well (yet). We have art and craft supplies, and stuff for kids - balls, chalk, etc. However, our biggest entertainment asset is probably our book collection. We haunt fundraiser book sales, where the books are 25 cents to a dollar, and buy a lot of books at a time, so we're always about a year behind in our reading.

    Having said all that, I don't imagine there would be a whole lot of downtime in a TEOTWAKI situation...
  5. The_Blob

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    as a contributor to Ziggurat Con (Iraq), Operation Dice Drop & Toys 4 Troops I thank you for your service and hope our meager contributions made your lives a little more bearable while there





    I don't know how much got to Afghanistan, I hope all ya'all got your share
  6. Jason

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    I like to play chess. I'm not great at it but I enjoy a good game now and then. I'm also a voracious reader, and I buy the vast majority of my books at thrift shops so they don't break the bank. When I'm done I keep the ones I really like and either redonate or pass along to friends the ones I'm not interested in keeping.
  7. mosquitomountainman

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    Don't forget Leggo's, Lincoln Logs, modeling clay, dominoes, paper/pencils etc. for writing and drawing, etc. We used to play with blocks made of scrap wood when I was a kid. My grandparents always had a pile of scrap lumber and a bucket of used nails around to build things with. I have some carving tools for wood carving too.
  8. Sonnyjim

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    Blob, any contribution is NOT a meager contribution. There were board games and such at our FOB but not much of anything except some sand came out our way. I know that the stuff you guys sent would really have made life easier for some soldiers. Thanks for your support.
  9. worldengineer

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    I have a decent board game collection :D about 50. Along with the childhood legos, linkin logs, and a few hundred books. I believe it will be a few years before things calmed down enough to start to enjoy yourself. Especially if its just a few people. Security will be more important than alerting everybody with our band "music".. Although this is a really good topic.

    Plus i hope to have solar and/or wind up and running. Wouldn't mind a computer game every now and then. :)
  10. Sonnyjim

    Sonnyjim Prepping

    Man.....you have no idea how many times I tell the wife about this. We plan on solar and wind power at our BO Cabin. I always say it will be funny that we'll be watching movies and playing Playstation 2 games while everybody else is panicking. Obviously this would come once things calm down but still. I like it.