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    When the Japan "nuclear fallout scare" was happening I found out about potassium Iodide/Iodate. Obviously by then it was too late to order any but i did anyhow and just recieved my shipment today as they have been out of stock. This was a valuable lesson learned. The important aspects of being prepared doesnt just extend to the obvious neccesities. for everything i do know theres always somethin else out there and it is those things that I want to add to my preps.
    So Im here to ask everyone out there, What are the important yet overlooked/ unheard of supplies that you all know of that relate to surviving a disaster?
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    Most important to me was drinking water..Berkey Light for that. And I have stored water for two years.(and pool shock, alum, coffee filters, and boiling)
    Next, heat, a wood/coal burning military tent stove...very inexpensive and dh is a logger..wood available.(also changing from a 250 gallon propane tank to a 500 gallon propane in May)
    Next, I need to cook.(before the wood burning stove was bought) so the Coleman camper cooker takes care of that...and 10 gallons of fuel..getting more even though I have wood stove.
    Canned goods, packaged foods, buckets of food, and lots of supplies.

    Others will add what was important for them and why...take care.

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    Bought my pot iodate last year, got the woodstove and Berkey 3 yrs a go and started with gas this spring though I've got a long way to go.
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    Plastic garbage bags.
    Portable commode.
    Rhino wrap.
    Chap stick
    Rubbing alcohol
    cotton balls

    Try this sometime (preferably during bad weather, i.e. winter).
    Turn off the electricity, water, phone and all other utilities coming to your house on Friday night. Stay inside and live without those utilities until Sunday evening. Keep track of everything you use then ask yourself where you may need adjustment if you had to do that for a week, month, year....
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    This is a great idea, I'll have to do it.
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    I think I will try that next week-end get the kids and grandkids to come and stay and see how we make it.Good idea,