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    Found this article in Outdoor Life, thought I would pass it on, source: November Issue Outdoor Life, Rich Johnson

    Basic emergency gear you can stow in your hip pocket!

    A compact survival kit can be a lifesaver if you’re facing a backcountry emergency. Here is my recommendation for a versatile kit that contains both survival and first-aid items, and is compact enough to fit in your pants pocket.

    The whole thing can be stored in an Aloksak (adventuremedicalkits.com), a tough, waterproof plastic bag that can serve double duty as a flexible canteen. I like to divide my survival supplies into four smaller packets. Each is clearly marked with its intended purpose, so I can access them instantly.


    * Signal mirror: Unbreakable plastic or metal with sighting hole
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    * Amino Vital survival kit

    * Whistle: Waterproof and durable for audible signaling

    * Light My Fire: Swedish FireSteel fire striker (lightmyfireusa.com)

    * WetFire: Essential fire starter (ultimatesurvival.com)


    * Emergency blanket: Instant shelter from wind and rain (adventuremedicalkits.com)

    * Parachute cord: Ten feet of cord is a good length. Use the cord in its entirety to build a shelter, or unravel individual strands to cinch smaller items


    * Fishing kit: Hooks, line, sinkers; include wire for snares

    * Aquamira Frontier Filter Straw: To filter water (aquamira.com)

    First Aid

    * QuikClot Sport: Stops catastrophic bleeding (adventuremedicalkits.com)

    * Butterfly bandages: Closes small, deep cuts

    * 3×3 gauze pads: Use as a compress to stop bleeding and cover injured area

    * Medical tape: To secure bandaging material over injury

    * Antiseptic towelettes: For cleaning area around injury, and cleaning hands before offering treatment
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