Swine Flu

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  1. TechAdmin

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    Anyone taking any extra precautions from this Swine Flu outbreak?
  2. doc66

    doc66 Well-Known Member

    At the moment, no.

    But as a full time student (at 42 YOA!) it might come down to internet classes!

    We'll see what happens....

  3. TechAdmin

    TechAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    What are you studying?
  4. SurvivalNut

    SurvivalNut Retired Army

    Flu Planning

    I re-read THE BIRD FLU PREPAREDNESS PLANNER by DR WOODSON today and downloaded the free version

    Good Home Treatment of Influenza

    Checked my supplies on the shelf and then went out and fed the chickens. Tomorrow will just be another day.

    Happiness is being a preppie.
  5. NYsurvivalist6

    NYsurvivalist6 Guest

    I might get it..because I'm unlucky with bodily infections.
    But, I dont know. I should look into it.
  6. Canadian

    Canadian Well-Known Member

    I'm not going to Mexico. On the other hand I never go to Mexico. I have O.R. masks in the medical stash. I could always break them out if cases are discovered in Toronto.
  7. 10101

    10101 Guest

    Hundreds of thousands of people die of the FLU each year around the world, the media has hyped this story up so much.

    this is another Bird Flu or SARS or Mad Cow media circus
    Not an epidemic of disease but an epidemic of fear.
  8. AlwaysPrepared

    AlwaysPrepared Guest

    I am actaully worried about. Today i bought extra masks and more sanitzer. But with a situation like this, it is very hard to prepare.
  9. Herbalpagan

    Herbalpagan Well-Known Member

    Because I have COPD (lung problems), I always pay attention to things like this and take precautions. Unfotunetely, we have to fly due Texas this weekend due to a death in the family. I'll have my hand sanitizer and masks with me, just in case.
  10. Since we have not had any reported cases in Utah, we're not terribly concerned, although we are taking precautions -- you know, the usual. Cover your mouth when you cough/sneeze, wash your hands a lot, etc.

    It is advisable to be in good health and take care of your immune system so in the event that one gets the swine flu, your body has the strength to fight it.

    Here is a list of other alternative remedies you may want to have on hand:

    Zinc Lozenges
    Oil of Oregano (a dose of two drops tastes nasty, but it will kill most any virus.)
    Rhus Tox

    More at How Can You Be Prepared For The Swine Flu? « Preparedness Pro
  11. C.Winslow

    C.Winslow Guest

    Herbal, don't forget your masks when you go to Texas. We have seen alot of confirmed cases as well as possible cases. The only death reported so far has been in Texas. You'll see quite a few people here wearing masks. Schools are closing right and left. So far they have been closed for 2 weeks at least unless otherwise stated. City parks are starting to close as well.
  12. Kelly

    Kelly Guest

    Just going the extra mile to wash hands more often, sanitize highly used areas and things, and stay away from sick people. I've been keeping my toddler twins home from daycare all week. Just don't want to take the chance. It's so hard to keep the small children from germ sharing in a daycare setting. Especially when they are at the age where they want to put everything in their mouths. It's gonna take a serious toll on my paycheck, but well worth it. Wouldn't wanna end up spending thousands in a hospital and go through that emotional turmoil. I've always thought it was better to be safe than sorry.
  13. Samoan

    Samoan Guest

    Plenty of proper hand washing and staying away from large groups is about all I can advise.
  14. Canadian

    Canadian Well-Known Member

    Make sure you wash your Mexicans several times a day. ;-)
  15. guyfour

    guyfour Guest

    I heard it only attacks healthy young adults so do lots of unhealthy things so your immune system won't be able to turn against you ;D j/k
  16. Canadian

    Canadian Well-Known Member

    Okay. I just threw out all my condoms!
  17. nj_m715

    nj_m715 www.veggear.blogspot.com

    My wife works at a school. They sent her home early on Friday because of a possible case. She called me to tell me about it while she was driving home. She didn't think it was funny when she found me waiting for her wearing my promask.
    unless it stops responding to meds, I don't see it as a problem. Bugs go around, people get sick, people get better and a few of the weak (babies or old) ones might die. No different than any other bug. Cars killed more people than pig flu last week and everybody is still driving.
  18. sailaway

    sailaway Well-Known Member

    My wife teaches 5th grade in the public school system, the place is a cess pool of germs. I used to get sick all the time when we were first were together, now I am quite immune to that place. I haven't been sick in years. I also drink 5 glasses of water every day out of habit, and take a 1000mg vitamin every day. With the birth of our first grandbaby, we are washing our hands more often and using purel. Right now my attitude is if it doesn't kill you it will only make you stronger.
  19. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    I just read in today's paper that someone from Alberta vacationed in Mexico and caught the swine-flu (renamed to H1N1) then headed back to work - at a pig farm. Guess what he did - he gave central-Alberta pigs the flu .. looks like the word "pandemic" is the right description :mad:

    More information at Swine influenza - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  20. Canadian

    Canadian Well-Known Member

    Oh... That's real bad. Why can't people vacation somewhere nice and disease free. There are plenty of first world countries you can visit and you can drink the water in all of them. Next thing you know they'll be banning pork.