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Many people do NOT realize that each county in this country has a designated person who can, lawfully, order nearly anyone quarantined. It doesn't take a CDC doctor riding in on a helicopter to do so. If you are quarantined you will MOST LIKELY be quarantined wherever you happen to be.

If the disease is painful, but not deadly, I think the following precautions are in order.

1. Bacteria and virii like moist environments, SOME bacteria don't care (anthrax) but most are not at all likely to spread in a dry environment. Don't share any areas with infected persons that are likely to be wet or damp or humid. That means separate bathrooms, kitchen facilities.

2. Air supply. If you are all using a common air supply, turn it off. Forced air heaters or typical commercial buildings recycle their air - you don't even want to know what a chiller box looks like in a large commercial building - slime city. So turn the air system OFF.

3. Germs don't like hard surfaces as much as fluffy ones (like couches) so I would prefer to stay in a room or area that has no carpet.

4. Vector is important - HOW does the disease spread? The scariest ones (and the ones most likely to get you quarantined) are airborne. MOST disease spread is by infected bodily fluids, never ever share any item with an infected person, of ANY kind. So what if you use an autoclave, the chances are to get the item from an infected person you had to go into an area where they were - dangerous. Like the air conditioning, just give it up.

5. Positive ventilation. It means that you don't want air to flow INTO your area, so pick a side of the building or structure that the wind hits, then open the window to cause air to flow OUT of the area you are in, if it's dead air - set up a fan in the window.

6. Do NOT fail to wash/treat any wound you have - the biggest protection you have from any infection is your skin, any break in it is like throwing a door open. Immediately wash and bandage a wound of any sort.

7. Think holes. There are only so many holes that give a pathway into your body. Your eyes should always have protective goggles on them if you leave your area, your hands should always have a disposable glove on them when you leave your area, and you should strip them at your door and toss them outside when you reenter your area. Put plastic bags over your shoes and dispose of them the same way. Buy an industrial grade protective breathing mask (the kind that don't cover your eyes) and LEAVE IT by the door as you come and go.

Do not neglect your water and food needs. Your body needs high quality forms of protein and vitamins/minerals to build defenses, it needs carbohydrates for energy and some fat to replenish some vital things inside your body. Demand that any water you get is either from a commercial source, or sterilized.

If the disease IS deadly, you need to make it clear to your 'mates' that if anybody attempts to get near you, you will treat it as a deadly assault - and kill them.
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