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One of the many items that can be and has been proven useful in survival situations time and time again is petroleum jelly (also known as Vaseline). With its medicinal, hygienic, and emergency uses, tossing a container of petroleum jelly in your pack may prove useful many times over. Here's why:

Petroleum jelly is flammable. It makes for an easy fire starter; all you have to do is dip a cotton ball or some paper in it and ignite.

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If the only thing standing between you and getting soaked is a stuck zipper, rub some petroleum jelly on it. It will lubricate the zipper and help get it unstuck.

If you are in need of a shave but don't have water present to do it, petroleum jelly can be used as a substitute. It can aid you not only with the shave itself but can also be used as an aftershave.

To prevent battery corrosion, apply petroleum jelly.

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To close off wounds, scrapes, cuts, and burns, add petroleum jelly to create a protective barrier between those injuries and dirt, debris, and bacteria that might find their way into them.

Lubricate stuck, rusty tools with petroleum jelly. If rust is not yet present, it will prevent the formation. This treatment also works on bike chains and to keep keyholes greased.

Mix petroleum jelly with Epsom salt to create an exfoliating rub which is good for ridding your body of thick grime and dead skin. Mixing Epsom salt with petroleum jelly can also be used to make a paste that will cause splinters to back out of skin when applied and left in place for a while.

If you are having difficulty with the effectiveness of your sense of smell, swab some petroleum jelly inside your nose.

If the outside of your nose is the problem, such as in the case of sunburns, petroleum jelly can help with that as well by moisturizing skin. It can be used on various bodily areas for the healing of chapped skin or even chapped lips as well as psoriasis and eczema.

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Should your eyes be prone to irritation, dab some petroleum jelly beneath them. Dust, dirt, and debris will be attracted to the petroleum jelly rather than making their way into your eyes.

Poison ivy can be healed with a coating of petroleum jelly.

Head lice can also be tackled by coating your scalp in petroleum jelly.

DIY vapor rub can be made by mixing eucalyptus or mint oil with petroleum jelly to form a gel to apply to your chest.

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These are just a sampling of the ways in which petroleum jelly can be proven useful as part of your survival gear, with more uses being discovered every day. As products such as this are experimented with in the field and more uses are found for one conveniently carried item, our survival odds are being constantly increased. Ingenuity and the ability to adapt something to work for you are priceless when it comes down to it, so feel free to tell us about uses you have discovered for petroleum jelly that will help us all when the time comes to call upon it.
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