Survival tips for the "broke".

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    I put some of these in a post that might have contained some things to get you in trouble with the local law enforcement and it got problem,I'll keep my illegal things to myself.LOL

    The rest of this is worth shareing,I'm not the only broke guy here I'll bet!

    Buget Ghillie suit.
    A piece of cloth big enough to cover yourself or a blind area,you can get a sheet at the goodwill or Salvation army for two bucks.

    A pile of dead leaves.

    A can of spray adhesive,you can get it in the automotive section of K-mart or any good auto parts store.

    Throw the sheet over a clothes line and lightly coat one side with the spray adhesive,let it tack dry about 5 minutes.

    Throw the sheet,glue side down into the pile of leaves and press it in.

    Let dry 24 hours.
    Now you have a "ghillie"suit equal to a 600$ custom in camoflageing ability,when the leaves start comming off,just add more adhesive and'll last a hunting season.

    Firearms for the poor.
    So you're of low income,that's not a reason not to be able to defend yourself in a survival situation or hunt food.

    An SKS is not a MLBR these days,but its still a decent weapon,an SKS will set you back about 200$,30 round Mags are 20$ each for the good ones,and you can still get 100 rounds of ammo for 20$,but please get some decent ammo too!Now if you have good sense and just run,get a Mosian Nagant for 100$ and a case of ammo for 120$

    Marlin makes 22 rifles anyone can afford,120$ will get you a tack driver and 50$ more will get you all the 22lr you can carry.

    Mossberg shotguns can be had for as little as 200$ammo is cheap at wally world.

    A good,functional 9mm can be had for under 200$ in the form of a Yugoslavian Tokorev pistol.have the feed ramp polished!

    None of these are high on my list as survival weapons,but if its all you can afford,these are some of the best for the money.

    Silent squirrell hunting
    Attach a few rat traps to a tree where they feed and smear the trigger with peanut can attach them by drilling a hole in the trap and putting a long wood screw through them into the tree.not sporting,nor legal but if you're hungry,do you care?

    Trout line.
    Some areas consider this method illegal or littering,its legal here however.
    Tie three feet of baited fish line to a milk jug or similiar floating container,tether it off to the bank or handy tree limb.come back in the morning and collect your fish.

    A month worth of fire starter tabs for a buck.
    Go to wallyworld or K-mart and get a cheapo fire log.
    Take a hacksaw and cut it into 1" wafers.
    Store the resulting wafers in plastic wrap.they burn about ten minutes.

    And on the subject of starting a fire...
    Always carry a road flare in your kit,it'll start all but soaked through wood and can be seen for miles if you're lost!it itself produces enough heat to boil water but beware of the spatter,it will scar you for life!

    10$ crossbow
    I don't think this is illegal to hunt with,but I'm not sure it isn't either,so if you're silly enough to try to hunt with it,please check.its mainly a defense tool for someone who can not or does not own a firearm!

    Go buy a "wrist rocket"slingshot.
    Wrap a small amount of wire across the yoke[the Y]and lay a broadhead arrow across it,its good for 20 feet.sight down the arrow.

    Thats all for now,anyone else have any good ideas?
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    Now you are getting it!

    Instead of 'Survival', how about saying,


    An AK/SKS has NEVER been accurate enough for me as a hunting rifle, but for small game, .22 LR or even a husky pellet gun will do the job.

    For larger game, consider Used Muzzle Loaders.
    They are CHEAP in the pawn & gun shops! Practically giving them away!

    If you are considering an old military rifle for hunting,
    I'd go with a Mosin-Nagant or Mauser 1898 or clone for their accuracy.
    Both are dirt cheap to buy, and so is the ammo for them.

    I used to lean towards '03 Springfields for sheer accuracy, but they have dried up,
    And British .303 rifles (SMLE) rifles are still cheap, they just aren't that accurate at any kind of range...

    I remembered an 'old river rat' that used RAT TRAPS for squirrels now that you mentioned it, and he was QUITE SUCCESSFUL!

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    Marry a rich woman. Worked for me.
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    I must have messed up. I married mine for love, and looks and the fact she could field strip a 1911 pistol in the dark :D
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    Mine can't strip a pistol. But boy can she strip!
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    I have a feeling theres a LOT more to this story :eek:
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    Don't worry she's not a pro. But she does meet the qualifications. For this kind of stripping I prefer the lights on.
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    We agreed on something,LOL!
    I wouldn't use an AK as a hunting rifle,its a "hose gun"plain and simple,made for people who get a minimum of training in proper mantinence and marksmanship,an SKS is only slightly more accurate and just as reliable,but if I had an option[and I do]I'd use a Mauser or Nagant myself as a long range weapon.SkS and AK rifles are a mid-range PDW really,they have thier uses in a survival battery to be sure,but if one can afford better,he should get better.the AR platform has what?a 90% parts commonality with our military if all hell breaks loose,parts can be had,and ammo assuredly!

    If I were reduced to muzzle loading,I'd bowhunt and trap instead. :)

    You and I should get our heads together on building a practical AR for the masses. :)
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    Not really, just hormones over intellect. Happens a lot.
    How do you think we good looking people that are dumb as dirt?
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    Do you realize the irony of your post?LOL
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    Good looking people. I've seen your pic on Plenty Of Fish. Come on!
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    Where did this thread turn?LMAO!
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    Dude I googled his posting name and guess what came up? Dating site for older men.
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    I dun get it.
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  16. JeepHammer

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    We agree on a lot of things, I'm just not an 'Extremest', and I don't fall for every goofy rumor that comes down the pike anymore...

    Some rules of hunting never change!
    Accuracy is paramount to successful hunt, and successful hunts are required for survival!
    If you can't put the game down, it's not going in your pot/skillet!

    I'd MUCH rather have an accurate bolt action rifle that is 100 years old,
    Than a dump truck full of 'Commie Junk' that you can't hit anything with, and that burn through my ammo supplies in nothing flat!

    RIGHT NOW, you can walk into the discount stores,

    If you are just hunting and target shooting with it,
    Then it should last you a life time!

    What gets the guys around here is,
    They will hack away with SKS's and AK's all afternoon, and never shoot better than a 8" group at 100 yards.

    Then when they get to bragging about someone they know that can shoot 3" groups at 100 yards with an AK,
    (Of course, that guy is NEVER around.... :rolleyes:)

    You shoot the tacks out of their target!!!!
    Never fails to makes jaws drop open like they are catching flies!

    Accuracy is everything.
    Long range accuracy beats lead slinging any day of the week...

    A single sniper can demoralize an entire battalion if he knows what he's doing!

    They might have patrols out every day, day in, day out, looking for that sniper! And they won't ever find anything if the guy was trained correctly...
    He continues to kill one or two a day, just like clockwork...
    It doesn't take long until everyone is wondering what the hell they are doing there and who is going to be next!

    I used to bowhunt a lot, seemed more sporting than using a rifle. I even went down to using a 'Re-curve' bow to make it more 'Sporting'...
    But one of the aircraft crashes while I was in the military left me unable to hold a bow correctly, so I'm through with that.

    I used a 'Wrist Rocket' sling shot for small game until they made it Illegal in my state.
    I also used the 'Coat Hanger Loop' for arrows with the sling shot, but you want to wire UP from the handle,
    Not stretch your wire from limb to limb or it will be VERY hard on the limbs and the tubing.

    When it comes up from the handle, you have to bend the loop back up each time, but it gives so you don't wind up wrecking the limbs or tubing.

    Now I hunt squirrels and most small game with .22 WMR, and I use a 10/22 or .410 for rabbits.
    My eyesight and reaction times aren't what they used to be, so I don't use pistol or bow/slingshot for rabbits anymore.

    For your list,
    You can make a circle of sticks in a shallow part of a river bottom, close enough together the large fish can't get through them.
    I often use saplings since they are nice and straight.

    Make a 'Funnel Shape' entry into the fish pen, and make sure you 'Funnel' end is in the center of the pen.

    Makes a GREAT fish trap, and if you stake some guts or some rancid meat in the center,
    It will work for snapping turtles.

    I used this in salt water estuary when in the military survival course, and found out crabs will climb over the stakes to get in where the bait is and not find their way out!

    Since you are just hacking sticks off and sticking them in the ground, this goes together pretty quick and it's nothing you can't afford to loose if the river comes up.

    If you have a river you can walk across (Knee deep or less) you can channel the entire river into your trap, just make your 'Funnel' opening wide enough to cross the river!

    We used to weave saplings into basket type fish traps.
    About the same principal, but 3 dimensional instead of 2D.
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    Why would that change anything?
    Do you want to see a better picture? I'll be glad to post it up, and in fact, I posted that very same picture in the 'Let's see who we are talking to' thread a while back...

    The thread here was,

    Want to make some snobby comments about that too?

    You want to judge people by their looks, start with me!
    Bring your butt down here and see me face to face and make your back anded comments and see how far they get you!
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    That's becuse Mr. Apartment dweller is an idiot.

    He found a dating site listing and thinks he's struck gold.
    Wants to make fun of me because I'm 'Middle Aged' (47, almost 48)

    Doesn't realize that EXPERIENCE counts not looks.
    Military, Skydiving, Scuba diving,

    And besides, I already posted that picture on THIS SITE in the 'Pictures' Thread before he showed up on this site...

    His idea of 'Experience' is 'Experience Points' in video games.
    Doesn't realize how much work goes into actually KNOWING what you are talking about rather than reading something off the net or in a book...
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    Meh,he ain't no uglier than me.not everyone looks like a male model in the world.

    I got broke from the extremeist crap after busting my butt for three years getting ready for Y2k.I still have useless crap lying around from my stash.

    Since I have the option,I wouldn't use anything 7.62X39 to hunt with unless I had to,it's capable of taking deer if need be or self defense,but it'd really tighten my sphincter knowing it was ALL I had to rely on.I'd much rather use my old Mauser,I even choose it over my 300 magnum most times for deer.

    I have shot 3" groups at 100 yards with an SKS[handloads lol],5 and 6 is the norm with any Chicom AK,they're PDW class and have thier uses,no really!I still want one in [5.43?]Russian for "just in case".

    The wrist rocket is a truly versitile little tool,I'll have to post pics of my home brewed slingshot made with shooting arrows in mind!

    I got too messed up to hunt rabbits with a gun,besides....snares are quiet.

    Great additions to the list!keep going. :D
  20. JeepHammer

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    Well, he hacked on me three times in a row right there together, now he's got nothing to say!!!!!?????

    What happened?

    Didn't mention I run my own survival section on my web site LONG before this site showed up,
    Doesn't mention I build and race cars,
    Didn't mention I have TWO jeep websites,
    Didn't mention I have an Electrical Engineering degree,
    Didn't mention I have developed and released countless Upgrades for the Jeep community and gave them away for free...
    Or that I have released (for free) technical information on how to turn car alternators into welders or plasma cutters,
    That I have sections on accurizing firearms on the web sites,
    Or that I was once on the Army Rifle team and still have points standings on several firearms competition listings that pop up on the web...

    He wants to make fun of me because I have a picture on a dating site, and I didn't use on form 20 years ago, or mine one from the internet...