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Discussion in 'General Survival Discussion' started by RevWC, May 31, 2011.

  1. RevWC

    RevWC The Future?

    I lived a couple of summers in the High Sierra's of CA in a tent and wanted to spend the Winter in a Teepee. This is a link to perhaps the way we may all be living. Old Entrance Teepees For Sale
  2. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth

    Maybe good idea if your young but many here seem to be a little aged to be hiking and tenting in the High Sierra's.

    Anyway we are all on the government watch list a terrorist now.So if your young this is a good place to hide.

    If your old you just hang on long as you can.Thats why we prepare.

    This nation commited suicide long ago.

  3. Nadja

    Nadja Well-Known Member

    I think a Yurt would be much more comphy in the long run and far more weather resistant as well
  4. Jezcruzen

    Jezcruzen Well-Known Member

    Meerkat has a valid point that should not be ignored.

    Too often people romanticize "survival". If I have to live in the dirt, i would just as soon go down swinging early on. The 'ol bod probably isn't up to it any longer - living rough for extended periods, that is.

    I imagine there will be some gruesome times prior to a total collapse like some talk about. Fascism, totalitarianism, communism... all those "ism's" with martial law, internment camps, people disappearing, being labeled a "enemies of the state" and "terrorists", not being allowed to buy or sell without approval. That sort of stuff. Its already in the works. No stopping it now without a civil war.

    Maybe my grandchildren and your children will have to live in a teepee once the dust settles, but it won't be my generation.
  5. BasecampUSA

    BasecampUSA Sr. Homesteader

    Hmmm... maybe there is a reason I saved my 16' teepee all these years... I lived in it the first summer ('75) here in Maine on the homestead while I was building my solar house. Loved it!

    Got it way back in the hippie days (summer of love) when I had a fully legal mining claim up in Evergreen, Colorado... the frustrated forest service couldn't make me take it down. (Dug a hole with pick and shovel, "salted" it with gold-flecked porphyry ore from Ouray/Telluride and had the ore assay certificate and claim map right there). There were 16 peop- uh... miners camped on the "commune"-claim. More than one way to skin a government cat!

    Maybe I'll dig it out and pitch it for all my little grand-nieces & nephews ... sure is pretty in the moonlight with the cook-fire glowing through and the smoke curling up thru the poles.

    Listen - very old but very beautiful song by Elton John...

  6. Dove150

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    What Meerkat and Jezeruzen said.

    At my age if I tried to set up a teepee I'm sure the poles would fall on me and kill me. I intend to stay right here and hopefully live a quiet peaceful life.

    If I have to "dukes it out" my only hope would be to get in a few good licks before it's over.